technical support

Is there any contact with conflux tech support? I have a problem with my wallet and coins. Everything looks very nice but when there is a problem there is no one to turn to. I wrote another message on the forum - the account was blocked. I wrote on telegram - no one answers there either.

Please provide more details of your problem in this forum, and we will help you in a timely manner.

Hi frank,

A couple questions on the one-click pos - it seems the chinese youtube and the english youtube instructions are slightly different.

For example, in the parameters, what should we use to run the actual pos? For our security settings, do we need to open all ports or just open 2?

for the four parameters, do we select test and the other nest888? There is also an option for main - when do we select that one?
for the private key, how do we get our 66 hex key for the balacnes with 1k Core and 100 espace? Is there a easy way to get it from fluent? In the tutorial, they copied and pasted the eg. but that leads to zero CFX so I am assuming we need to put our own private key in?

How do we find our own private key that starts with 0x****? Is there instructions on how to do this? In Fluent, the private keys are words. It doesn’t seem to be the POS address or the POS binding info either.
“4/4. Please provide private key 0x**** to create the pool (make sure this address has equal or more than 1100 cfx in Core and 10 cfx in eSpace ) eg:0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111116421777”

Thank you!