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Project Title: Terteel
Incorporation: We have not yet incorporated into a business, as our project has been providing services for free since last 3 years. But we have received all the required licenses to launch our project in UAE.
Project Description: Current social media apps tend to involve us into a lot of content that’s not beneficial for our younger generation, especially our target audience, the Muslims. Hence we had to come up with this app, where users can not only share their Holy Quran recitations without mixing of other visual content, but they can also improve their recitation skills.
Long-term vision: We aim to make Terteel as one of the largest social platform for Quran Lovers to connect, share, learn and enhance their recitation.

Links to the project’s webpage: https://www.terteel.com/


Bilal Ahmad

Mohammad Alkobaisi

Inzamamul Hassan
Development Team Lead

Budget: 400,000


Audience: Muslims across the globe are our audience. We are adding value to their lives, by providing them a platform which is dedicated for Holy Quran recitation. Currently anyone can submit their recitations on available social media platforms, but those are mixed with other visual content, hence our platform is filling a need. Our main value proposition is that now, we are adding many gamified features in our app, and in the end we will be rewarding our content viewers, content creators and content moderators as well. And everyone will be motivated to use our app as they will have financial gains attached to using it.

Stakeholders: We have content viewers, i.e. anyone who simply download the app and only views our approved video content. Content creators are the ones, who regularly upload their videos on our platform. Content moderators are the teachers who are moderating each submission, by either providing feedback, rating it or approving it.

Market: Chingari app on Solana blockchain can be viewed as our competitor. But that app is dedicated for singing only, so we are very different from them. We are a substitute for all such apps. Also, our app not only allows professional users to create videos, but also gives options for beginner users to improve their recitation skills.

Technology: We’ve used Flutter to build our app for both iOS and Android platforms. And we are using Firebase DB for credentials verification etc, and AWS for all storage and video streaming solutions.
Community Overview: We have 100k+ downloads at the moment, with increasing number of users joining us every day.
We are building the next version of the app, where we are implementing gamified features to make our current user’s data more structured, so that we can implement the blockchain solution on top of that in next stage.


Community Growth Plans: We are onboarding many famous muslim scholars, which will help us grow our community substantially.
Proposal OKRs: We aim to make Terteel as one of the largest social platform for Quran Lovers to connect, share, learn and enhance their recitation.
OKRs (Objectives and Key Results): We are planning to build our blockchain infrastructure on CONFLUX blockchain, utilizing all it’s great features.

1st OKR: we will be promoting our projects to bigger audience and segregating the professional and intermediate or beginner users’ data in our current database.
2nd OKR: we will be mapping all current users’ data and information based on our new gamified features, hence showcasing each user their contribution and standing in the app.
3rd OKR: we will be implementing our own token, and link it with above mentioned users’ ratings in order for them to get rewarded.


Milestone1: App Updates: We are already working towards adding new features and have already paid for this update.
Requested funding for this milestone: None
Milestone duration: 2 months (end of MAR-23)

Milestone2: Blockchain Integration: We plan to integrate the blockchain into our app along with implementation of our Tokenomics.
Requested funding for this milestone: 300,000
Milestone duration: approx. 7 months

Milestone3: Marketing: We plan to increase our marketing efforts to promote the project to a larger audience.
Requested funding for this milestone: 100,000
Milestone duration: approx. 12 months


We will be implementing a DAO structure while completing our blockchain solution, hence we plan to become self-sustainable after our token is launched.

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