The "key" file generated in the "net_config" directory during mining and its effect


File ./run/net_config/key is an interesting file, which is related with the TrustNode check result of the monitoring platform. It is vital to restore or backup the file. In this article. This article will combine my understanding of the key file and discuss how to use this file suitably.

Start the mining program for the first time

If you participate mining for the first time, according to the directory of the mining program shown below, we can find that the mining program does not actually contain any net_config/key content when it is released. Take the Windows version of the mining program as an example, the directory structure shown as follows:

└── run
     ├── conflux.exe
     ├── default.toml
     ├── log.yaml
     └── throttling.toml

Because there is no ./run/net_config/key file exists, the mining program wiil generate a new key file automatically, we record it as key_initial . If you ensure that key_initial remains same until the end of mining phase, you can register key_initial in the Tencent questionnaire. Your node will be verified as Trustnode by the system after mining phase.

I have started mining program and download data remains there, will the “key” file change if i re-run it?

Based on my practical experience, my key file has not changed, even if the network is updated midway (the mining program conflux.exe is changed, you need to download the new version of the mining program, and replace the original mining program with the new version of conlux.exe ).

I have stated mining program and i deleted all the data, will the “key” file change after reopen the mining program?

Based on the practical experience of other friends, the key file will be updated and we record it as key_second . I know that you already have a key_initial written in the Tencent questionnaire. You have two options:

  • Place the key_initial recorded by the questionnaire into ./run/net_config/key file. or,
  • Update the key_initial filled in the questionnaire and change it to key_second .

Key point: keep the key file registered in the questionnaire!