Conflux mining node configuration program


In recent days, some tester’s feedbacks show that the node configuration file is quite challenging for them to set properly. To mitigate the gap between the freshman and peoples who acknowledged with some configure tips, calmlim developed a convenient tool that may be helpful to you. The interface shows as below:


Operation step

  • Press “浏览” button, choose the newest version conflux.exe on your computer. This program will record your mining program’s file path. “浏览” means choose your mining program in English.
  • Change the item of “钱包地址” (wallet address) , program will handle 0x prefix skillfully.
  • Configure the corresponding ip address (公网IP:) and port (端口:), tick mining (挖矿), and click “保存” (Save). This step is the key phase when you first launch this configure program.
  • Press “开始运行” (Start running), well done!

tip: “公网IP” (public IP address) will help you identify your public IP address.

Download here