Ecosystem Grants Program Q&A

About the Conflux Ecosystem Grants Program

The Conflux Ecosystem Grants Program aims to fund entrepreneurs, engineers, and evangelists who have the vision to catapult innovations in software development, research, education, and community building for the Conflux Network ecosystem.

What is the process of applying for the Ecosystem Grants Program?

To apply for the Ecosystem Grants Program, please visit You will receive a confirmation email once you have applied. We will have multiple internal review rounds and if your application is shortlisted, we will then reach out to you for an interview and request a detailed proposal.

How many steps are there in the evaluation process?

The application process is divided into 2 evaluation stages. In the first stage, we will shortlist projects based on the online form submitted through our ecosystem grants website. The second stage starts with an interview with the shortlisted teams and requires a detailed proposal on the plan of action to achieve the project goal.

How long is the evaluation process once we apply?

Please expect a decision on whether your application has been shortlisted within 6 weeks of submitting the online form. We will get in touch with you if you are shortlisted for the second evaluation phase and schedule an interview within 2 weeks after the decision. In the second phase, we would request you to submit a detailed proposal especially if you are applying for the Tier-2 category of grants up to USD 50k and finalize the funding after evaluating the submission. We estimate the entire process to be completed by mid-Q4 2020 for the first wave of grants.

What does a good application look like?

Please provide as much detail as possible on the background of your team, project description, objectives and deliverables with key milestones and timelines, and most importantly the relevance of the project with the Conflux Network ecosystem. We are interested in supporting teams that have a long term commitment to work with Conflux Network.

The projects applying for Tier 1 grants will receive approval faster. We will give preference to projects that are not planning on having 100% of their early-stage funding covered through the Conflux Foundation.

Our team plans to launch a token sale, is it eligible for a grant?

Please reach out to with more details about your proposition and we will get back to you.

Can our team make multiple applications for different categories?

Yes, we are open to multiple applications from the same team. However, after the interview round, we will only consider one project out of the multiple submissions for the final funding.

How long is project delivery if accepted?

Project delivery is contingent upon the complexity of the project goals and your milestones. Within 2 months is expected from teams applying for Tier-1 grants and within 6 months for Tier-2. We will expect teams to consider external sources of funding apart from the Conflux Foundation grants to make a strong proposition.

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