Guidance of mining with multiple graphics


We can select a machine with a stable network connection as the central node program (Master), and running with the conflux.exe node synchronization program.

The other mining machines equipped with multiple graphic cards need to connect to the central node program to provide the computing power for it.

In general, a Master can provide synchronization services for multiple Slaves, and the Slaves can just perform graphics calculations.

Modify the configuration file of the Node program (Master)

Open the oceanus.toml , remove the # before the mining_type, stratum_listen_address, stratum_port, set the stratum_listen_address=0 , and the stratum_port need specify the port related with the graphic miner. The example shown as follow:


The start command of the mining program (Slave)

Examples are as follows

./cfxmine --gpu -d 0,1,2,3 --addr -p 11526

The -d refers to your graphics card, if you have 1 graphics card, enter -d 0, and if you have 2 graphics cards, enter -d 0, 1

Node program’s address

Port number, the value of stratum_port in the configuration file