Conflux Tethys Network v1.0.3 Upgrade Announcement

This upgrade provides more RPC interfaces and enhances the system stability. Please upgrade your node after 16:00 on Nov. 20, 2020 (GMT+8).

Download the new version of the node program at

What should I do as a node operator/miner?

If you are running a node, you need to temporarily stop the node and change the executable file named “conflux” under the run subdirectory in the node program into the new “conflux” file located in the Conflux v1.0.3 node program, and then restart.

If you have not started a node before, you can download the latest version, Conflux v1.0.3, and directly start it.

What will happen if I do not upgrade my node or miss this upgrade?

Typically, the node will still run, but for your better use, it is recommended to upgrade. More RPC interfaces are available and the system will be more stable.

How will normal users be influenced?

During the upgrade, some services of running nodes may be delayed. The affected services will resume after the upgrade is done.

Thank you for your support!