The block reward needs increased.

Its quickly becoming inefficient to mine with the current block rewards. I’m in for the long haul
so I have kept a majority of my cfx. I have converted a small amount to Moonswap just to stake it there. I’m just pointing out the concern that i used to get around 10 cfx a day but now I’m down to 3.5 a day in a relatively short period of time. I was really hoping to have a few hundred in my wallet but this is quickly becoming an issue. All I’m saying is an increase in 1 or 2 cfx needs to happen or the little guys who have been keeping the network rolling for the past few months will move on to something else.

I think this is a valid proposal, given that the mining reward reduction proposal was voted at the time when the market cap of CFX was so tiny that it could not effectively protect all the on-chain assets. As the demand of CFX rises, more valuable assets migrating to Conflux, I believe we would vote again

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@gotya54 FYI, I’m raising the question in AMA with Fan, 📣 Community AMA With Founder Fan Long - Submit Your Questions! - [OPEN]. Feel free to add more aspects

Thats great, thank you.