total mining noob.

I have always mined in pools for other coins. Just a single GPU kind of setup. I found conflux a little while ago and started mining it on a pool. long story short I got the newest node on Github and configured it and let it sync to the latest epoch (two weeks it took) now when I try to mine on the node my miner connects (NBminer) but does not do anything. I’m not really looking to solo mine I was just doing it for more of a learning purpose. can anyone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?


Need more exact information, can you check logs?

I’m realizing now that my node almost syncs but never actually gets to total sync it hangs when requesting the final sync candidate and then I lose all peers and never get out of catchup mode. I thought this was just a windows problem and then started a brand new node on my Linux server and it also does the same thing I can restart the node to regain my peers but always lose all peers right before I fully sync.