TriAngle-Exchange: a extremely low slippage stable swap & SOR Protocol

Project title and description of the project.

Project Title: TriAngle Exchange
Project Description:
TriAngle Exchange is a curve forked with extremely low slippage. It was created to achieve the perfect swap between different stablecoins, such as AUSD - USDT - USDC, and XCFX - CFX. What’s more, TriAngle Exchange is the most essential basic infrastructure of the AUSD ecosystem and conflux epsace. Unlike the traditional Uniswap V2 system (which support the swap between unstable coins and tokens, like swappi), Triangle Exchange will focus on swapping for stablecoins, offering the best slippage on low liquidity.

Why does Conflux need Curve ?

  1. AUSD - USDT - USDC needs a stable swap curve algorithm for the low slippage.
  2. XCFX - CFX needs a stable swap curve algorithm for the low slippage.

Objectives and success criteria of the project

We hope Triangle Exchange can empower the AUSD and TAD ecosystem, and become the most essential application in the Conflux Espace, to be more specific:

  1. Stable coin swap with low slippage, which concentrates 60% of the liquidity for 0 slippage swap.
  2. swap for tokens other than stablecoins with low slippage on eSpace in the future.
  3. Become the Swap Protocol with the largest TVL on eSpace.

Project Detail


The Triangle team realizes the importance of liquidity for the Ausd, and also realized the drawbacks of dumping after mining, that’s why we need a systematic and sound liquidity management solution. We hope to introduce POL (protocol own liquidity) and PCL (protocol control liquidity) to manage liquidity through our next project, Triangle-Liquidity.

Aggregator Swap with smart order router algorithm

Tips: Smart Order Router, or SOR, is an off-chain linear optimization of routing orders across pools for best price execution.

To complement Triangle-Exchange functions on non-stable coins, we will connect Swappi’s liquidity by developing an aggregator feature to swap tokens between non-stable coins. We will compute the optimal redemption routing path off-chain and execute the optimal routing path on-chain.


The TriAngle Exchange was proposed by a global-based decentralized autonomous organization. The core team and early contributors prefer to remain anonymous and firmly believe that a decentralized financial world should be initiated by a decentralized organization and further developed and governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).


Thank you for your submission. Few questions below:

  1. Is this protocol deployed anywhere else already?
  2. What is the release plan for Triangle-liquidity?
  3. Are your smart contracts audited? Can you provide the audit report?
  4. Which tier are you looking to apply? WHat would be the deliverables?


Thanks for your application @0xTriangle!

Some key information is missing from your proposal - could you please provide the following information:

  • The budget for your proposal
  • The deliverables and development roadmap for your proposal
  • Technical architecture
  • Links to the project socials
  • Links to any audit reports


Hello Keerthi:

  1. Is this protocol deployed anywhere else already? Are your smart contracts audited? Can you provide the audit report?

Triangle-Exchange is a fork. is one of the most securely smart contract in Crypto, and you can get the audit report at (

  1. What is the release plan for Triangle-liquidity?

Triangle-liquidity will launch on conflux-esapce by Q1 2023.

  1. Which tier are you looking to apply? What would be the deliverables?

For now, we just want to announce our first phase to the global technical committee and conflux community: Triangle-Exchange. After finish Triangle-liquidity, we will apply for the Liquidity Support and launch on espace mainnet.

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Thanks Geoff:

Triangle-Exchange and Triangle-Liquidity is not isolated.

We will supply other key information like (budget, roadmap and audit reports … ) in the next proposal: Triangle-Liquidity, which is a key architecture for Triangle-Exchange and TriangleDAO protocol.


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The Triangle community are looking forward to this great new work,keep building!