TrustSwap: Token Locks, Liquidity Locks, Vesting Dashboard and Launchpad program.

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TrustSwap’s ecosystem offers smart contact services and innovative solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi) and assists the crypto community and projects to transact with integrity and accountability.

We solve problems in the DeFi space connected to trust, transparency, bad actors, rug pulls, exit scams, smart contract vulnerabilities, extensive development durations & cost, token minting, launchpad raises and more.

We achieve this by building foundational layers for multiple L1 chains through services like: Team & Liquidity token Locks, Customizable Token Generator, Launchpad & Incubator program, Farming-as-a-Service, Vesting-as-a-Service, Automated distribution protocols, Decentralized Trustless Escrow and the Swappable NFT service. Our ecosystem is completed with TheCryptoApp, a top 3 Crypto Portfolio app with over 2.5 million downloads.

This grant is for the development of Team Token Locks, Liquidity Locks and Vesting-as-a-Service on the Conflux Chain.

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1) Conflux: Team Token Locks & Liquidity Token Locks
Description: A transparent, secure, and decentralized smart contract vault for custom time-released vesting of liquidity tokens and/or team tokens.
The locking period and amount is customizable, tokens are only accessible by the project and can only be withdrawn after the locking period has finished.
Goal: Service to assist de-risking DeFi by eliminating common bad actor vectors such as rug pulls and exit scams. All token locks created by Conflux projects will be transparent through our public vesting dashboard which will increase investor and community confidence.

2) Hourly Claim Vesting Dashboard
Description: The secure TrustSwap Vesting platform offers projects on various chains a simple and flexible way to create their own hourly token vesting contract for investors and ICO/IDO/Airdrop participants. Amount of tokens and the vesting duration can be specified for each individual receiver wallet.
Over the configured vesting time, participants can claim their released tokens on an hourly basis through the TrustSwap dashboard.
Goal: Service to prevent expected mass tokens dumps on scheduled release days by Private and/or Public raise participants. Instead, the contract will continuously release small amounts of tokens into an hourly claiming dashboard. This way vested token holders will each determine their own strategy on when and with how many intervals they will execute claims. Creating a more balanced and spread division of token releases and reduces sell pressure and volatility. Additionally, it grants autonomy and flexibility to your project’s vesting participants. Participants will have more control over when, how frequent, and how many tokens they claim.

3) Launchpad Program
TrustSwap also offers a Launchpad and Incubator program. Mandatory aspects for project eligibility are among others: a public team and the use of Token locks, Liquidity locks, and Hourly vesting.

The Launchpad program is designed to identify new crypto startups with strong teams and innovative use cases and guide them to achieve their long-term goals and potential through performing a private and/or public raise. For incubator projects we also provide support on Business Development, Operations, Exchange listings, Tokenomics, Marketing, UI/UX, VC Roadshow, Initial Token Offerings, and more. We also organise the public and private raise and give access to our ecosystem tools and network.

Our launchpads and incubators differentiate themselves by having an 24h application window, no gas wars, and a guaranteed allocation (pending geographical restrictions) for $SWAP stakers.

With Token Locks, Liquidity Locks, and Hourly Vesting active on the Conflux chain, the foundation is ready to welcome new Conflux projects into the Launchpad or Incubator program. We are looking forward to working with you!

Grant Funding Tier

Grant Budget, Milestones and Key Deliverables (Please include the milestone schedule from your award letter)

Milestone 1: Team Token Locks 1 months after signature.


Integration of the Conflux Chain into the Team Token Locks interface.
Integration with the Conflux Wallet.
Conflux projects can lock their team tokens in the Team.Finance interface according to the desired vesting schedule.
After completing the wizard, the lock will be visible in the public Explore list.
Projects can see their active locks in the “My Locks” section.
Only after the vesting period ends the project can claim their tokens.
Testing & QA.
Token Locks live on mainnet and available for Conflux projects.
We will offer both mainnet and testnet availability.

  •      New Post in Grant Awardees Outlining Grant + Milestones
  •      AMA w/ English community in Conflux Discord / Telegram
  •      AMA Transcript posted in Conflux Grants Forum.

Milestone 2: Liquidity Locks 2 months after signature.

Phase 1:

DEX Evaluation study to define compatibility of Liquidity Pool tokens on the Lock framework.
When compatible or compatible with additional conversion we will proceed with Phase 2.
Phase 2:

Conflux projects can lock their Liquidity tokens in the Team.Finance interface according to the desired vesting schedule.
After completing the wizard, the lock will be visible in the public Explore list.
Projects can see their active locks in the “My Locks” section.
Only after the vesting period ends can projects claim their tokens.
Testing & QA.
Token Locks live on mainnet and available for Conflux projects.
We will offer both mainnet and testnet availability.

Milestone 3: Hourly Vesting Dashboard 2.5 months from signature.

Prepare Smart Contract to receive Conflux tokens for distribution.
Batch upload compatibility.
Ability to add Conflux projects to the dashboard structure and front end.
Ability to connect Conflux Portal wallet by recipients to receive the tokens each time they claim it.
Testing and QA
Hourly Vesting dashboard live on mainnet available for Conflux Launchpad projects to execute a controlled raise distribution over extended timeframe.
Besides above, TrustSwap will have 1 person available to support each Conflux Launchpad partner in the batch file generation and follow up. As well as 1 IT specialist that will integrate and initiate each project into the dashboard.

Milestone 4: Marketing/ Social Media 3 months from signature.

Social Media campaign in cooperation with Conflux to market the successful integration. Consisting of tweets, retweets, graphics, and a blog article.
During the first 3 months, TrustSwap will also offer both Token and Liquidity locks for free to 30 Conflux projects.
Evaluate 3 Conflux projects for Launchpad, with at least 1 project reaching final stage.
At least $300k raised for the Conflux project accepted into Launchpad.

Grant Status + Recent Updates.
Milestone 1: Team Token Locks = COMPLETED
Milestone 2: Liquidity Token Locks = Awaiting DEX confirmation
Milestone 3: Vesting Dashboard = Scheduled
Milestone 4: Upon completion of M1, M2 and M3.

Milestone Updates, including links for milestone review
Milestone 1: Completed
Conflux projects are now able to time lock team tokens in the vault.
Go to:

Connect Conflux Wallet

Click: Create Your Lock


Select: Conflux


Insert Project Contract Address


Insert the number of tokens you want to lock and for which period


Approve and Lock your token


Congratulations! You have now secured your tokens and ready to inform your community and
investors. All locks are publicly visible through the Team.Finance dashboard.


Congrats! Would love for some of the other services you guys offer to be deployed on Conflux. Specifically the token minting and the NFT platforms


Well @cers, (and all other Conflux token holders :raised_hands:) for one of our other services we have (surprise, surprise) already added Conflux chain. And will share it here as a sneak peak only for forum visitors. It was not part of the grant, but we wanted to do it anyway. Kind of celebration that Token Locks on Conflux are live.

TheCryptoApp is our crypto mobile app on Android (iOS is in MVP) it has over 2.5 million downloads and is one of the 5 most downloaded crypto apps in the world. One of the features is to add the public address of your wallet(s) and then it aggregates your portfolio totals, as well as totals per token (and per token per wallet). Further you can have alerts and various token charts as widgets on your phone screen.

So for the portfolio overview you can automatically aggregate your crypto holdings from different chains, like BTC, Ethereum, Algorand, Avalanche, etc.

We now have added the retrieval of CFX token balance to the portfolio aggregator, alerts and mobile screen widgets.

If you hold for example ERC20 ETHEREUM in Metamask and CFX tokens in the Conflux wallet, you copy both public addresses, and the app will keep track of your total portfolio.
But you can also manually add your CFX holdings.

CFX Token in TheCryptoApp:

  • Portfolio aggregator, multi chain
  • Receive CFX price alerts
  • Add CFX price widget to mobile screen.

For the moment it is only for the CFX token, but we are working with Conflux tech team to see if all tokens on the Conflux chain can be included as well. When that is done as well, we will officially announce it to our community too. But for CFX holders and followers, this could already be useful now, and in this forum you’re the first to know. :wink:


Hey TrustSwap team! Can you share with us your key deliverables to conduct the milestone review?

Latest update:

Besides the TokenLocks, we also delivered a Conflux Chain Portfolio Integration with TheCryptoApp. (3.5M downloads) Android is full feature, iOS missing features will be added. And a full reskin will be released very soon.

You can add a Conflux pair (Crypto-Crypto or Crypto-Fiat) as a screen widgets on your mobile phone:

Set an alert on a Conflux price pair:

Get Conflux token info, historic overview, markets, etc:

And get a convenient consolidated Portfolio overview of all your Conflux tokens and tokens on the Conflux chain, whether they are on an exchange or in your private wallet. You can also add tokens from other chains, like BTC, ETH, etc. One overview and tracking for all your tokens.
Below an example with 2 wallets added, where the portfolio automatically generates a report and consolidates the same token located in 2 different wallets.
Note that PHM and USDT are also on the Conflux chain.

  • For the liquidity locks we are in brainstorm with the Conflux team about the to be supported DEX.

  • We can also do first the token Vesting dashboard, since that is not depending on compatibility or external parties.

New update: Mileston 2: Hourly Claim Vesting for Conflux tokens has started last week and progressing well.

Hereby super excited to announce that now also Milestone 3, The hourly vesting dashboard for Conflux tokens is live on both Test net and Main net.
With this, projects can easily create their own customizable hourly token vesting contract in our audited smart contract platform. Want to do an airdrop, ICO, ILO, IDO or other reason to distribute tokens to a large set of recipients according to a vesting schedule? But you dont want everybody to claim at the same time and risk a sell wall, then this is the dapp for you!
Through the hourly slow release of tokens, the tokens holders will each define their own personalized strategy when and with how many intervals they will start claiming their (partial) tokens. Creating a more balanced and spread division of token releases and reduces sell pressure and volatility. And of course very convenient you don’t need to send them manually one-by-one to the recipient wallets. Who has time for that?!

Below the screenshots:









Now, your recipient can connect to the claim dashboard, and see how much tokens are vested, when the next claim takes place, how many are available for claiming, and how many were already claimed. And of course press at any moment the CLAIM button to receive the released tokens in the wallet. You can do the claim every day, or once per week, only 2x in total, or wait until the end. Whatever fits your personal situation.


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Milestone update:
Milestone 1: Team Token Locks = COMPLETED
Milestone 2: Liquidity Token Locks = Awaiting preferred DEX confirmation
Milestone 3: Vesting Dashboard = COMPLETED
Milestone 4: Upon completion of M1, M2 and M3

Are you update API Provider for support Fluent Wallet connect?

For the moment not. We first focus on adding new chains, and after adding more wallets.