Understanding TriAngle DAO's Governance Token $TAD & Tokenomics

Introducing $TAD, the TriAngle DAO token.

$TAD token contract address on Conflux Network: cfx:acg8dy0xvpyzh1f8n9e9gcf3mm7se1ts5y979mawtf

$TAD Allocations

$TAD Total Supply: 100,000,000

  • 60% to TriAngle Community
  • 10% to Early Contributors
  • 20% to Investors
  • 5% to Liquidity Initialization
  • 2.5% to Business Development and Marketing Operations
  • 2.5% to DAO Management

How to Get $TAD

  • Trade on exchanges.
  • Deposit $AUSD to Stability Pool.
  • Join other mining activities in the future.
  • Participate in marketing campaigns.
  • Be early contributors or investors.

How to Use $TAD

  • Trade on exchanges.
  • Stake into Stake Pool to share protocol earnings by borrowing fee and redemption fee.
  • Participate in DAO governance in the future.

Check out more info:
Website :link::https://www.triangledao.finance/
Twitter :link:: https://twitter.com/TriAngle_DAO
Telegram :link:: https://t.me/TriAngleDAO
Discord :link:: https://discord.gg/g6pFX8WQE5
Medium :link:: https://medium.com/@triangledao



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