Unlock cfx coin from governance to stake them in a pool

hello everyone, I need some explanations about staking in the conflux governance part. I blocked my cfx for 1 year thinking that this would bring me apy, i talked inside the telegram they explained me that now there is not apy in the gouvernance, only in the pool staking. i would like to find the possibility to unlock my coin in the governance and stake them to a validator, thanks you

You can withdraw all of your CFX from governance website and stake them to a public pool.

Here is the PoS pool website.

Welcome to my PoS pool https://gspos.club/
Just input your CFX and stake , about one hour later, you can see your rewards, then claim rewards from time to time.

The current apy in Consensus pool is about 16%, enjoy it.


not exaclty, i stake my coin in the governance locking them for 1 year :slight_smile: so my question if more about if i can have help from devs to unlock that 1 year period then indeed i can unstake and stake them in the pool

Maybe you can give some screenshots to show your problem.

On this link : https://confluxhub.io/governance/dashboard

I stake my coin + i lock them 1 year for vote. It was a mistake my coins are Locked 1 year for vote in the governance.

I would like to find a solution to unlock my coin before one year.

you have to wait, no one can unlock before one year

That why i m asking here if one dev or someone know better that there is a way to unlock. Thanks you