Vj Deliria, Tier 1 Grand Proposal

Funding Tier: Tier 1
Project Overview:
Title: “Piñata Nefetera” by Vj Deliria.
Why are you interested in creating this project and or collection? I created this project to pay homage to the many posadas I went to during my time growing up in Mexico. My favorite part of the posadas was hitting the piñata after eating yummy foods. My family has a tradition where we take turns breaking piñatas per age group. We usually have 2 piñatas for children, 2 for teens, 2 for women, and 2 for men. The goodies inside the piñata also vary according to the age group. Each family’s household is in charge of bringing one piñata and that is how we end up with several hours of piñata breaking time! It is truly a joy singing the traditional piñata song with family, cheering for each other, and diving into the floor to catch all the goodies. This collaboration with Conflux features a traditional piñata shape that encapsulates my happy memories of traditional Mexican posadas with my family.
Project Details:
Theme Approach: Traditional & Contemporary cultural remarks about piñatas, often found in typical Mexican posadas.
Medium: Digital illustration, video synthesis processes, feedback, and animation.
Theme & thesis. This video’s theme is the popular posada activity “la piñata” stylized a la glitch by video process and manipulation.
Team: Please include the following
Name of team members, and their roles and responsibilities (we would love to hear about your artist background)
Audio-Visual artist | Vj Deliria
Art Director | MUNOP ® SDSN MX
Curator | NFTribu, Metaverse Art Exhibition.
Educator, Bronx NYC
Cultural Manager | NFTribu

Alma D. Jimenez aka Vj Deliria

AlmA is a mexican-american artist based in New York. In 2012, she graduated from SUNY Buffalo with a BFA in Communication Design. She funded the Vj Deliria project focused on vjing, video mapping and glitch aesthetics. Within the NFT space, she organizes and curates Latin American NFT exhibitions in the metaverse such as Decentraland and Criptovoxels. AlmA co-founded NFTianguis, a LATAM NFT Collective that organizes community drops. She also founded NFTribu, a metaverse art exhibition that promotes collaborations, drop parties, and community building events. She is a co-founded of MUNOP®, (Nomad Plastic Museum) a project focused on supporting Mexico’s 2030 Agenda / Sustainable Development Goals through the SDNS office. As an educator in New York, Alma is committed to empowering children and underrepresented communities through art and education.
Team members’ emails and social media handles: [email protected], @Vjdeliria
Team’s relevant experience:
12/04 Crypto Musica / featured NFT artist.
12/03 Cripto Latin Fest / cryptoart panelist.
11/21 NFTribu @ Decentraland Art Exhibition / curator, host.
11/17 ALIL 2021 @ CDMX, Mexico / Speaker
11/02 NFT.NYC / Speaker New York, USA.
11/02 Mask Ephemera Exhibition, SearchNFTs, NFT.tips, NFT.NYC, New York, USA.
10/30 Tercer Drop Colectivo NFTianguis en Hic Et Nunc / Metaverse Exhibition Host

9/24 NFTribu @ Decentraland, Ibiza Poster Mafia
9/12 Vizmesh presents: META-MENAGERIE NFT INSTALLATION, New York, USA.
8/30 Chile Diverso NFT, El Corral Digital, Cryptovoxels / Art Curator
8/27 CHEC 2021, Ministerio de las Culturas de Chile / Crypto Art Panelist, CHILE
8/28 Celebrating NFT Asian Women Artists x Latina Sisters Clubhouse & Oncyber Exhibition.
7/31 Segundo Drop Colectivo NFTianguis en Hic Et Nunc, curator, host.
7/28 NFT Exhibition, Coma Colectivo Exhibición de Arte (NFT), Fibraunomx, CDMX
7/24 NFT Exhibition, Stratosphere IRL/Metaverse NFT Art showcase, Beijing, CHINA.
7/17 NFT Exhibition, Renaissance Protocol, New York, USA.
Links to any previous work / portfolios https://www.vjdeliria.com/nfts
Grant Milestones: This section will appear in the grants contract and will be used to verify that milestones have been reached in order to release payment. Please include the following:
Breakdown of the creative roadmap into a number of milestones, with each milestone including:
Specification of the deliverables: For this first milestone, there are two deliverables. The video to be minted on Conflux is the deliverable. A remote video presentation during the crypto posada is the second deliverable.
Requested funding for that milestone. Through this medium I am requesting funding for this first milestone. I am requesting $1,000 to cover production expenses and to help me plan and execute the roadmap and deliverables for the Tier’s milestone. Grant may be transferred to artists via cryptocurrency or FIAT.
Total grant timeline. Funding is to be released upon completion of deliverables and minting process.
Total estimated duration of each milestone.
12/07/21 Grant Application Review
12/8/21 Video Minting Process
12/9/21 Crypto Posada / Video Conference / NFT Giveaway Dynamic
12/10/21 Grant funds are transferred to Artist. A Review on Social Media is shared to maximize marketing

Community Engagement: 1) Community engagement will be reached through social media interactions.
2) The Crypto Posada event will also serve as a community engagement point where I will present the NFT minted on Conflux. 3) We will mint 10 editions, of which, 5 editions will be used for a Giveaway to engage the community with the project. 4) One more community building exercise is the delivery of a talk about my journey as a crypto artist I will do remotely on Thursday, December 9th, 2021, during the Crypto Posada.

Long Term Vision:
The long term vision of my project is to continue supporting the Latin American community and expand to an international audience through my work and community building exercises. My long term goals can support the Conflux mission by enabling me to create and mint work in the Conflux ecosystem. My vision can also help Conflux connect artists and collectors across borders and protocols.

Other: My weekly Spanish spaces on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are also opportunities for me to share about this collaboration with Conflux and for more people to learn about my experience minting and working with Conflux team.


It’s 9th December today, has the NFT been created and minted already?

First, TOC need to know more about your fans scale. Up to now, you only have less than 3k followers on Twitter with little interaction, but you have posted 5k tweets…and you have only 105 members on Discord, we really doubt your influence.
More importantly, company-level programs like this should be decided by Conflux Official, not GOC.

Congratulations @Vj_Deliria ! Your grant has been approved by the Global Grants Committee, and is the first recipient of our Artist Residency Grant Program :seedling:

For reference, below are the voting results:

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Hello, the NFT was created and minted last December, 2021. We waited until January 2022 to share it with the community through a live stream video that Conflux LATAM hosted. During this live stream we gave away 5 of the 10 editions minted. I airdropped the 5 NFTs to the winners on Jan 4, 2022.

Conflux LATAM Video Stream https://twitter.com/Conflux_LATAM/status/1473368227430371332?s=20&t=IZpaeSeHPzszYOYpctOrbQ

NFT Vj Deliria, Piñata Nefetera, Conflux Genesis https://twitter.com/Conflux_LATAM/status/1478165684538560512?s=20&t=itCLJO_0KANovZREoMqY5w

Thank you.