Whats the background on Confi?

I’m trying to find the background story on on Confi the mascot. I swear i saw it once.
The Global community doesn’t know much about it and I’d like to start using his story more in English.

Confi is a beaver
Confi is a student
Confi is overworked, when translated Confi is often mentioned as ‘roast boy’ or ‘burn boy’

in the second quarter of 2019, Conflux launched its own mascot, ConFi, with the Chinese name “Roasted”.

“Baby” is a blue beaver with two big white fangs. The beaver is one of the animals with the highest IQ. “Roasted Boy” has many different emoticons, and he likes to write code, animation and two-dimensional culture. Conflux hopes to use this mascot image to shape the community culture and promote community autonomy in an animation and two-dimensional way, rather than to package and specifically promote the team founder. Specifically, Conflux uses comics, B-site videos, or character blogs through the “Roasted Talk” column to provide community members with easy-to-understand knowledge about the popular science blockchain, and introduce team members or use Q&A to solve community questions. It will also make its own observation reports on some hot events such as the security of the blockchain industry and the central bank’s digital currency.

“Bounty” and “Roasted” continuously attract users to actively participate in Conflux’s community construction and ecological environment, and further promote the project to move forward towards community autonomy.

It can be seen that, compared with other blockchain projects such as public chains, Conflux has become a clear stream in the chain circle, and it has succeeded in getting out of the circle by shaping the community culture, for example, Conflux under the name of “Roasted TV” Dozens of popular science and teaching videos related to blockchain and digital renminbi have been released on station B. A recent popular video “Understanding Digital RMB DCEP in Three Minutes” has received tens of thousands of views. The number of Douyin fans of “Roasted” has reached 24,000, and has gained over 130,000 likes.

From https://blockcast.cc/news/from-the-public-chain-to-the-eco-architect-what-has-conflux-done/

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