Where have our eco-projects gone?

A few months ago, when conflux announced a package of overseas ecological plans, I was delighted because the emergence of more ecological means that more projects and more coins that we can explore will help a lot with the value of the conflux chain tokens. But after all this time, the thunder is loud, and the rain is light, nothing, I can’t help but wonder:
How many people does it take to check a grants program in global team, when shall we see the eco-system coming from abroad?

The moonswap, flux, the ins3, the Trea, all the eco project are coming from China!!! I can not waited. Sprinting up, will you?


some one tell me that their project has been submitted a months ago,all
the documents are deliver,but now there is no other progress. we can’t see anything,and can do nothing.
The construction time of public chain is urgent, please pay close attention to it,thks!

All of conflux’s promotional content is strongly bound to the government, and in current situation, it is extremely difficult for conflux to go to sea and get many developers.

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Hi @Yumingyuan,

Thank you for your post. English speaking projects going through the Ecosystem Grants Program have been updating their process in the Grants section of the English forum. Please take a look for the latest updates from some awesome projects building on Conflux.



Great question…check the Grants section- we have 5 projects under grants and 5 more ready to announce! Some amazing projects coming from the Global Team!


Where projects? One year left