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Shorthand Terms:
QA (Quantitative Analysis)
CFX (Conflux)
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
WM (Organization LLC)
EOM (End of Month)
CAO (Current As Of)

Current status (CAO 7/9/2021) –
QA bot in testing mode running – Doing manual trades on suggestion of QA bot.
Pre-Made Portfolios – Testing on separate wallets

(Grant Status: N/A)

Funding Tier: Please specify the funding tier and total grant amount of your proposal.
(Current) Funding Tier 1 > Future Tier 2
(As I built-out the project fully for review by Conflux Technical Team when moving to Tier 2).

Project Overview: Please include the following:
Project title and description of the project.
How will this project be integrated into Conflux?
Why is your team interested in creating this project?

WM Portfolio (WMP) – A community funded and driven automated portfolio management system aimed at different levels of investor classes.
This project will utilize CFX’s sponsored gas fee’s and near-instant confirmation of transactions to facilitate trades of assets based on a portfolio classes that is either not-managed or managed by a QA trading bot with user defined constraints if elected.
I want to create a community funded and controlled crowdfunded portfolio that will have the communities best interest by backing certain asset classes by investors (2 Wealth Management INC’s so far) and looking for Angel Investors or just community support, while using different staking methods to generate returns back to the users of the platform.

Project Details:
High-level technical approach, product flow & architecture (along with a diagram).
Any mockup designs of user facing components.
Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components.
Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit CFX Network’s ecosystem?

Project details:

If its hard to see above image- Just right click (Open as a new tab)

Mockup Designs. (To be posted by EOM July 2021 )

Technology Stack: React – Python – CFX – proprietary software.

Ecosystem Fit: This project is focused on building safe returns for investors by mitigating risk price wise by using a quantitative analysis trading bot assist to facilitate transactions based on pre-defined parameters and some user-defined constraints in order to grow users portfolio.

DAO and additional tokenomics:
Additionally, tokens will be minted that will be used for a DAO to change different portfolios breakout or remove under-preforming portfolios. Total allocated native WM token will be minted based on time of assets held and not removed, which will influence the total generated APY% sent back to the community. The longer you hold your assets in that portfolios the greater return APY% will be sent to your pooled tokens vs the community reserve pool.

Modules planned:
-Pre-Made Portfolios (Created)
-QA Managed-Portfolios (Created)
-Rainy Day Module (Developing)
-Stop loss- Module (Developing)
-Dao Governance (planned need fine-tune token distribution and weight)
-Community Pool (Fine tune math)
-More as testing gets completed

Team: Please include the following:
Name of team members, and their roles and responsibilities.
Team members/emails/social media handles/Github.
Provide the name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project.
Team’s relevant experience.
Team’s Github code repositories.

Team Confirmed with NDA signed : (Growing – recruiting starting in Aug~):
William B. (Tristception) : Founder and main developer of WMP Quantitative Analysis Trading Bot (proprietary). Owner of WM___, LLC.

Williams Socials:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wboykin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WM_Investments

Williams Experience:
-CEO/Owner (5-years) Software Development Company
-GIS Developer of 11 Years (Current)
-Random Coding over 17 Years (small projects) – HTML/C+/C#/Java/Python
-Military Intelligence Analyst
-MSQL/Oracle ~ 4 Years
-IT Requirements Manager
-Crypto Investing since 2018
-Mining since 2020

Williams Github:

Legal Entity : WM___, LLC (Pending state-registry approval) Details will follow as confirmed and updated.

Development Roadmap: This section will appear in the grants contract, and will be used to verify that milestones have been reached in order to release grant payments. Please include the following:
Breakdown of the development roadmap into a number of milestones, with each milestone including:
(A) Roadmap.Jpeg

//NA// - (Q)
Specification of the software or deliverable (will be used to confirm milestones have been reached).
Requested funding, milestone duration, and number of full time employees on each milestone.
Number of days, and cost per day.
Total estimated duration and cost of the whole project.
//NA// - (A)

Any grant funds are just for servers/databases and testing environments. And dev time dedicated. I will be running through the costs and updating this area.

Long Term Vision : To have a community funded portfolio system that projects investors through QA and community engagement.
Community Engagement: Will be through a combination of Discord / Medium / Twitter posts.
Delivery Requirements:

Public Github - https://github.com/WM-Port
Private Testing Github – To be released to CFX personnel only until closer to launch date.
Tutorial Hosting - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2KcbRIlCXS5DfKuOPgY2Q (WM Community Youtube Channel)

Other: As I develop the project solely on my own (Developers will be hired as needed) I will be considering feedback in the comments on the grant from the CFX community members if attainable within scope-of-work and deadlines. Some modules and information may be vague on the grant application to keep it competitive with other similar projects.

This project is for the CFX community and is not focused on profits. As I’m developing this mostly by myself on my own time.

WMP Project Links and Locations:
Discord: https://discord.gg/P4qVkNC69G
Website: (Launch-page being built EOM August)
Twitter: Temporary (https://twitter.com/WM_Investments)
Telegram: Temporary (https://t.me/tristceptionWM)
This is a living document and edits and updates will be tracked in the versioning table below:

Version Notes/Edit details:
Draft V1.0 – (Initial creation) 7-9-2021
Draft V1.1 (N/A)

Draft Mode

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I assume you’re looking to build out a team? What roles do you want/need filled?

Hello SmoothCB, Currently its just me working on the project solo (And have been working on most of it for a few months now). As i try to bridge the modules together ill probably need some specific expertise on certain parts like a smart contracts expert etc… Currently I’m plotting out my workload (my day job vs this project).

At about the end of AUG ill know how much time i have to work on it myself. Currently I would only be looking for 1 developer to assist. And as we build a workable / viewable demo here in the next 2 months will need some marketing expertise.

  • 1 Developer niche(Will need to test a few things to know which SME - subject matter expert type I need).
  • 1 Assistant Developer (May not need if my work-load in my day-job decreases, ill know by Aug).
  • 1 Marketing analyst

Thank you for taking time out to read my draft. As things become more concrete by the end of AUG draft status will be removed . Additional information will be added to the grant - and the updates that i make to it will be in the versioning notes at the bottom of the grant to track changes or specifications.

Very Respectfully,

hopefully, you’ll find someone helpful to support you from the community! Looks like an interesting project and looking forward to the deliverables and cost estimations for the grant!

Thanks for submitting your proposal @Tristception! I think WMP would be a valuable complement to the Conflux ecosystem. As you work towards defining the deliverables and cost estimates, just a few info-gathering questions on my end:

  • Have you backtested your QA bot? What were the results?
  • Is the bot running on-chain or off-chain?
  • What asset/token classes will you be compatible with? Are NFTs included?

Thank you! I just have my hands tied with work right now but things are slowing down. Hope to have some more concrete dates and timelines here in the coming month.

Very Respectfully,

Thank you for reviewing my proposal. @Geoff

~Bullet 1

  • Yes ive backtested some trades and analysis from over the past 6 months or so. Its been keeping me out of the red to avoid most market crashes (not correction dips, but it does give me an idea of when to expect one based on different social/market factors). Ive been able to sell or convert my assets to stablecoin to avoid the most % red up till now. And its mostly on me to determine re-entry as ive not gotten that far yet.

It seems to do a good job when theres a longer history that it can look at, example, bitcoin, eth, and even conflux does pretty well. But newer tokens that have less news or new to the market does not make suggestions that well (Trea, Yao, etc). If it not in a token tracker like CMC or CoinGecko ive had a few issues with this due to the lack of data that it can look at.

~Bullet 2

  • Its running off-chain and providing me feedback and notification, its my job to decide to heed the bots advise, which i usually do after doing my own analysis. As i feel more confident in how the QA bot is doing ill probably enable it to do trading on test wallets.

~Bullet 3
-Im not exactly sure how to answer this question, Im mostly looking towards tokens that can be shuttled and or supported on moonswap – i may look towards what kokomo looks like in terms of integration if at all possible. I do not have any plans for NFT’s – This is mostly in building a solid passive income portfolio with QA bot to give you feedback or interaction on saving measures. If you have ideas on how NFT’s can be used in this system im welcome for it - at this time i cannot think of a good use-case. (with actual value outside of like having a genesis WMP NFT).

Long story short:
QA bot does pretty well, will enable on-chain interaction via wallet.
Still looking at performance of different portfolio breakouts. (Community will later be able to do small changes to this through the DAO and native token).

Very Respectfully,


Hello team,

Thank you for your patience, I am under the weather/overbooked and will be providing new milestone updates for official grant approval this Friday 9/17/2021.