Wrong cfx address

Hello. I have problem with my wallet in my miner. I set wallet address from binance 0x84cf0b582a2cc4a12207bb40f73ba6720408292d.
Next day I check it and also I understood that i set the wrong one. Miner send 77cfx. How can I get it back. No one from conflux can answer me back. Binance want transaction Id. I want make account on this address after conversion but how ?

How can i fix it and get access to this wallet to manage this crypto also I make new one on portal conflux cfx:aape9e1esn9j1skucugg5102ku313f0f3ja5s3sm1v

0x84cf0b582a2cc4a12207bb40f73ba6720408292d is an address on BSC, not on the Conflux network. You should create a new account using Conflux Portal (address starting with cfx:) and use that in your miner configuration.