Conflux Faucets – for Core Space and ESpace

Hey y’all!

Here are the Conflux Faucets for Core Space and ESpace:

(Screenshot of the Project Website)

It is common place to have faucets in new Networks with low gas fees. Faucets have been asked for by the Conflux community in general and it would have it’s users for sure. The goal of the application is to give new users enough CFX to make a few transactions when for.ex. bridging USDT token from another network and not having any CFX to make any transactions in a Conflux Core Space or eSpace DEX.

Faucets should work with Fluent Wallet on Conflux Core Space and Metamask Wallet on Conflux ESpace and provide small amount of CFX for the users, but the usage should be limited to prevent bots with hard limits on wallets and IP addresses and also with a Captcha service to prevent bots.

Link to Grant Proposal: Conflux Faucets – for Core and ESpace
Link to Project Website:
Link to Github:
Link to Twitter:
Link to Discord:

Grant Description:
Purpose of the system: Provide Faucets of small amount of CFX (0.02 or below) per requesting wallet to Conflux Core Space and Conflux ESpace.
Scope of the system: Everyone will be able to access the Application in the 5 years time. 1 request per wallet address in 1 month, 2 requests a day per IP address.

Grant Funding Tier: Tier 1 (5.000$)

Grant Milestone:

Grant status: In review by Conflux Team

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Congrats @nio the final review for the Conflux Grant has been completed and approved. Thanks for such a useful tool!

Grant Description

Milestone Under Review

Milestone Review

Milestone Review Results

Note: One concern I have is that the upcoming update of raising the minimum gas price to 1 GDrip will will “break” the app. The developer is aware of this and made the necessary changes, and will be able to adjust the app if necessary.

  1. Source code
    · :white_check_mark: 1 a. Link to a public Github repository
    o Note: As agreed on, backend code is not open-sourced for security reasons
    · :white_check_mark: 1 b. A member of the Conflux team should be added as ”Maintainer” who would be the backup person for the project and possibly would continue the development at least after 5 years maintenance is up.

  2. Product features
    · :white_check_mark: 2 a. Have a faucets website available for both Conflux Core Space and Conflux eSpace.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 b. Faucets should be usable with Metamask for eSpace and Fluent for Core Space.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 c. Website should be usable with all devices – responsive, meaning it should work with mobile, tablet and Desktop/PC, and also Mac, Linux.
    o Tested with Brave/Mac and Metamask Mobile
    · :white_check_mark: 2 d. Faucets should have their own buttons, because they are separate chains.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 e. Website should have easily approachable User Interface and User Experience design.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 f. Faucets should give only small amount of CFX at once (0.02 CFX~), and only 1 per 2 months per wallet. And 2 times per day per IP address.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 g. Faucets should use captcha to prevent bots.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 h. Users should not be able to bypass the wallet and IP restrictions set in place (2f and 2g) with reasonable effort
    o Based on my testing with multiple IPs and wallets, this works
    · :white_check_mark: 2 i. Technology stack used for frontend/UI: Static HTML, CSS, JS. Apache Licensed.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 j. Technology stack user for transaction backend: Node.js. Apache Licensed.
    · :white_check_mark: 2 k. Technology stack used for UI-backend: PHP. Closed source for security and prevention against bots.

  3. Deployment
    · :white_check_mark: 3 a. Link to the deployed product under a unique subdomain under
    · :white_check_mark: 3 b. Manual testing of the systems when PRs are merged and deployed on the production server.

  4. Maintenance
    · 4 a. 1h per 12months will be allocated for maintenance of the faucets website. Keeping the web server updated with the latest security updates will be the main focus there.
    · 4 b. Issues or bugs will be fixed as soon as possible, the time will be divided with the maintenance time mentioned in 4a. In case of major issues (large scale), new project might be necessary if time allotted in 4a is not enough.

  5. Documentation
    · :white_check_mark: 5 a. Item: How to install the project’s website’s frontend locally? (Note: Local test system will not be able to send wallet requests to backend, but it will be able to get the wallet addresses and view them. Will also contain package.json for easy installation.)
    · :white_check_mark: 5 b. Item: How to install the project’s transaction node.js backend locally? (Note: Will contain package.json for easy installation.)

  6. Announcements to Community
    · :white_check_mark: 6 a. Product launch announcements are sent via Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Reddit.
    · :white_check_mark: 6 b. Creating a Twitter account for Webomatic products, and it will have information on all Webomatic products and of this faucet project also.
    :white_check_mark: 6 c. Will promote the product launch also on personal Twitter Account, Telegram, Discord and Reddit.

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Conflux Faucets website updated with latest info from ESpace and layout revised to be more intuitive to use.

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I appreciate your feedback

Is the faucet working? It doesn’t connect with metamask:

  • in metamask browser
  • on brave mobile with metamask app
  • on brave desktop with metamask add-on
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I will check these.

This was tested originally with Metamask Browser on mobile and it worked fine.

EDIT: @RSD You can post screenshots of the errors if there is any.

There seems to be an issue with Metamask Browser on mobile. I contacted the MM team about it.

Brave Desktop + Metamask addon working for me.

Metamask Mobile on iPhone works. Only Android version is affected.

Brave Mobile cant use Metamask addon. Cant test.

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