Conflux PoS Technical Documents

PoS Staking Rewards

The existing base staking rate is 4%, and the PoS staking reward is added to this with a plus factor. Let x=CFX total circulation / CFX total staking, and the additional coefficient be √x.

When the amount of staking is 1/4 of the circulation, the reward rate is 8%; When the amount of staking is 1/9 of the circulation, the reward rate is 12%; And so on. When the total number of votes cast is relatively low, those who vote will benefit more.

Risk Warning

Notice 1: Some operations may cause your pending staking token to be permanently locked, including but not limited to:

  1. Modify the code of Conflux-rust, resulting in a certain kind of consensus-breaking behavior in your PoS account.
  2. Use the same PoS private key and address for running multiple PoS nodes. (Therefore, it is not recommended to copy the PoS private key file elsewhere.)
  3. The unauthorized usage of the PoS private key by other parties will also result in the above phenomenon.
  4. Lose the PoW address private key bound to the PoS private key, thus failing to issue the unlocking instruction.
    Note: If the PoS private key is lost but not stolen, it will not cause capital loss. Simply use the PoW address to send the unlocking instruction to recover the fund.

Notice 2: Some operations may cause your staking token to automatically enter the unlocking state, including but not limited to:1. After being selected into the PoS Committee, fail to bear the responsibility of a committee member to vote for the PoS block for over one epoch (about one hour) due to the program abort, network failure, malicious attack, or other reasons.
Note: In this case, when all staking is completely unlocked, the PoS address will return to normal.

Notice 3: Some operations may result in not getting any rewards, including but not limited to:1. Fail to launch the PoS node or connect to the PoS network.

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