Conflux PoS Testnet 5th Round Public Test Tutorial

Conflux PoS Testnet 5th Round Public Test Tutorial
Start Time: Nov.3 16:00(GMT+8)
Version: v1.2.0-beta-7

Timeline: (GMT+8)

  • Start fullnode running at around Nov.3 16:00.
  • The PoS registration will start at Blocknumber 100 (around Nov.3 16:01).
  • The PoS registration will close at Blocknumber 3000 (around Nov.3 16:25).
  • After registration closes, you can start adding pos_config. The deadline for adding pos_config is at Blockheight 5000 (around Nov.3 17:00).
  • The time point to upgrade hardfork to the network is at Blockheight 5000 (around Nov.3 17:00)

Note: The logic of contract execution layer uses the Blocknumber as the activation time, and the logic of consensus layer uses the Blockheight as the activation time.

Using the Conflux Governance Beta to stake CFX to participate in PoS mining requires a total of 4 steps:

  1. Install ConfluxPortal
    Reference: ConfluxPortal v0.6.10 Upgrade Tutorial
  2. Start Fullnode
    Reference: Start Fullnode Tutorial
  3. PoS Registration:
    Reference: PoS Registration Tutorial
  4. PoS Transition Test:
    Reference: PoS Transition Test

How to use PoS Dashboard to check whether you are participating in PoS Mining successfully: How to use PoS Dashboard to check whether you are participating in PoS Mining successfully

Conflux PoS Testnet 4th Round Public Test Specification (v1.2.0-beta-7): Conflux PoS Testnet 5th Round Public Test Specification (v1.2.0-beta-7)


Q1: If I accidentally delete the pos_key file under pos_config folder, what should I do?

A1: You shold not delele the file pos_key. If you deleted it, you need to reconnect and withdraw the staking. You need to wait for 9 hours for the CFX to be unlocked and then re-register. We suggest you to skip the wait and using a new Chrome account to test.

Q2: The program has stuck for more than 20 minutes, what should I do?

A2:Restart your program.

Q3: What should I do if the transaction failed when approving the locking CFX transaction while succeeded when approving staking CFX transaction

A3: Go to Conflux portal->account profile->settings->advanced, look for the “custom nonce” and turn it on. When you turn on the “custom nounce”, each time when you need to approve for a transaction, a textbox will pop-up and ask you to enter a nounce. Enter nounce each time when you are asked.

Q4: Where can I report bugs during testing?

A4: upload stderr.txt, pos.log and log folder to a Google Drive folder, and share the link with Cike in Discord.

Q5: What should I be cautious about when I restart the node?

A5: Enter the same password you set in the first time and you should be fine:

PoS key detected, please input your encryption password.