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Conflux Social (Community) Bot

Conflux Social (Community) Bot
Support - eSpace and Core
Social: Telegram, Discord

Application Introduction:

In present time, we cannot image own life without internet and our communication without social networks and messengers in our mobile devices. And Telegram is one of the most perspective and progressive messenger in the world. For now Telegram is much more than simple messenger, it’s a worldwide community, place for business and rest, information/ news portal and place where active more and more cryptocommunity members around the globe. On Telegram represents all TOP crypto companies and many cryptocommunity are created and rise here. Telegram infrastructure importance and its importance in spreading popularity of projects via Telegram channels & chats is very high.
If we looks more widely we easy can say that in near future Telegram come a full ecosystem that would be cover all mains segments of our life’s and come a platform where anyone can be open own web3 business , (internet stores, exchanges, news channels, on same time we see that each day telegram hit new active users and oficial chats channel accounts of global companies , even gov structures).
So, in that case compability of Conflux and Telegram infrastructures, not less important as compability with Polygon or any others ecosystems or cryptospaces.
Note, that Telegram already announce plan for adding webApp support.
Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations:
Conflux Community Bot(CCB), Conflux Social Bot(CSB), Conflux TipBot, CFX TipBot
Purpose of the system:
Conflux Social(Community) Bot create all conditions for increase popularity and activity in Conflux local communities, make more easy and comfortable involving new members (via built in tipping feature and community activity, same as airdrops, squiz, learn2earn, bounty campaigns management support), tracking actual data in live 24/7 mode(build in Conflux Explorer feature), connect telegram users to Conflux DeFi world(NFT support and built in NFT creator feature), give them way for get own experience of cryptocurrency operations in play, fun manner, using their Telegram accounts(build in Conflux Wallet feature), increase usage of Conflux blockchain, CFX and CRC tokens( tx numbers, number of new active addreses, etc), usage of Fluent Wallet.
For Telegram administrators Conflux Social Bot provide same features as:
Administrating of Conflux Community Telegram Chat and Channels.
Collecting, analyse community activity and growth data (help a lot in set up more effective strategy of community moderation, building and growth strategy);
Provide fast access to searching information about Conflux Ecosystem, tutorials, tech documents, articles and products via settings and tune triggers/short commands.
Tracking actual Conflux Ecosystem Data, as Conflux Blockchain Stats, Conflux DeFi Stats, CFX market Stats, CRC Tokens Stats, Conflux NFT Stats, etc. - autogenerate daily, weekly, monthly Conflux Ecosystem reports.

Scope of the system:
Conflux Social(Community) Bot its a base point to development tools for crossintegration Conflux and Telegram, Discords infrastructures on deeper levels.
Conflux Social(Community) Bot use-cases:

  1. Built in Conflux Wallet
    Each Telegram user get Conflux Hydra Address, that autogenerate in private chat with Bot and associated with Telegram ID. Withdrawal Feature include, import adress feature (optional), support both Core(basic setting Fluent Wallet) and eSpace (optional MetaMask Wallet), Hydra Mainnet and Testnet. Base mode is Conflux Castodial Telegram Wallet.
  2. Tipping Feature
    Telegram users can send, receive onchain transaction via Tip command in Telegram chats, where Bot is Admin. Administrators of Telegram chats can send multi tips, one command send same tips to multiple telegram accounts.
    Tipping feature is a powerful tool for increase community activity, launch and provide community activities. Up quizzes, airdrops, p2e, l2e campaigns, set up experience leverage shedule for telegram community members, etc.
  3. Build in Conflux Block Explorer
    Provide fast access to complex actual Conflux Blockchain data, support PoW, PoS stats, smart contract overview, CRC tokens info,etc. Searching data via Txid , CFX adress, block/epoch number
  4. Conflux Market Data - price, charts, total, circulating supply, etc. - CMC, Coinghecko in messengers;
  5. Conflux Pulse
    Conflux Ecosystem Data : Searching via Segments(DAO, CEX, Dex, NFT, etc), Project List with short intro and actual stats; ( same as DeFiLama, DexScreener) ;
  6. Conflux Academy Support
    Fast access to searching information, same as tutorials, articles, tech docs, developers documentations,etc ;
  7. Administrative and moderation feature
    Increase Security and Saving of Official Messengers chats: Using not own separate administrative bots as Combot , Rose etc . Have a back door on tg , each bot have rights to close chats and channels where set admin role to him, close and delete via hidden remote control. Sure here is a near as zero variant that same bots as Combot would be do it , but near not a zero.
  8. Built in data analyser
    Collecting , analyse and provide data of community activities;
  9. Tracking PoS Pools Data;
  10. Built in NFT Creator Feature
    Upload and create/deploy your NFTs in Telegram on Conflux Network.
    After telegram adding webApp support:
  11. DeFi tools integration:
    10.1 CrossSpace swaps;
    10.2 CrossChain operations;
    10.3 Support PoS Pool account management;
    10.4 Built in CFX DEX;
    10.5 Built in CFX LP, Farming, Staking Features;

Project Roadmap
Phase 1
•Build in Conflux Wallet, withdrawal, import address(optional), Castodial Wallet, based on Core Space, Fluent Wallet;
•Tipping Feature: send, receive, multi tips;
•Conflux Block Explorer: PoW + PoS, searching via tx, via CFX address;
•CFX Market Data: Tracking CFX price, total , circulating supply data;
•Timeline: 20 days
Grant amount: 15000$ or 200000 CFX

Phase 2
•Documents Release
•Update Menu
•Add Russian and Chinese Localisation(support of other languages would be added based on local communities requests)
•Conflux Pulse
•Conflux Academy Support
•Administrative and antispam feature
•Data Analyser
•Tracking PoS Pools Data
•NFT Creator Feature
Timeline: 40 days
Grant amount: 30000$ or 400000 CFX

•DeFi tools integration:
•CrossSpace swaps;
•CrossChain operations;
•Support PoS Pool account management;
•Built in CFX DEX;
•Built in CFX LP, Farming, Staking Features;
Timeline: 60 days after telegram adding webApp support;
Grant amount: 45000$ or 100000000 CFX

Totall Budget & Funding Tier
The approximative costs is 100$/hour;
Daily Average: 8 hours;
Phase 1: 100820=16000$ (1000$ discount);
Phase 2: 100840=32000$ (2000$ discount);
Phase 3: 100860=48000$ (3000$ discount);
Total: 90000$ or 1500000 CFX
Operational costs:
Servers- 400$ / month;
One purchase on 2 years(24 months): 9600$;
Monthly Tip Faucet Budget: 30000 CFX (~4500$) first three months (10000 CFX/month) after start Phase2, for marketing and community activities.
After 3 months, faucet budgets suggests individuals for each local communities with local CMs and went on community support too.(optional);
Total: 14000$ or 190000 CFX

Summary: 104000$ (4000$ Discount) = 100000$ or 1600000 CFX.

Project Progress
Phase1 at StressTest (Open Live Tests) mode, Conflux Social(Community) Bot already live on Testnet. Available on Telegram and can be found via @Conflux_Telegram_Bot

On that moment source code is proprietary. But we ready to open those part that would be needs for integration with Bot other services;

Project Lead:
Main Developer:
Web3 Developer:

Thank for your time, Conflux FAM🚀


Bot :call_me_hand:t2:


integration of the network with the most popular messenger is very interesting and relevant! I’m waiting for the start of the project)


Feature rich, almost everything on one platform and easy tools.




Hi @Mitrandir, thank you for applying for a Conflux Network grant!

It seems that your project is a “swiss army knife” Telegram bot. This would be a convenient onboarding mechanism for new users.

A few questions:

  1. Are there any similar projects for other chains? Please share their names/links.
  2. How are you ensuring security for custodial wallets?
  3. Is it necessary that the bot gets admin role in the chat? Could the bot do any malicious actions?
  4. Since you say phase 1 is complete, please share some stats, like number of users and tips sent.

My overall impression is that this bot is too complex for most users, and you should start with something simple like just the tipping feature. The price tags seem way too high, for phase 1 you could probably get a tier-1 grant ($5k) but it’s not eligible if it’s already been developed.

Do you have a business model to make this project sustainable? You could maybe take a small percentage of each tip.


Thanks for you reply.

  1. Sure have. At first Combot have everscale wallet and tip function, iotx, tron, litedoge and not only have tipbots, but all of them have not same variants of management.
    UPD: it’s only tipbots
  2. Same as any other custodial wallets. Private keys and security on side of wallet owner.
    Here needs some explanation:
    Tipping it’s a small amount of asset transactions, tip feature it’s not a way for earn any huge profits and so TipBot Telegram CFX address of user not for holding own assets, it’s not a vault.
    As I write in proporsal import address feature already released, but after long discussions with our testers and advisors(include Conflux Team members), we decide to turn it off.
    Reason: users security. We are not recommend to hold or import personal data(include seed phrases and private keys) in mobile devices and in any social platforms.
    Based on all that much more safe for users would be use custodial CFx address for tipping, it’s include withdrawal feature. Keys are holding by MainDev. And it’s only because on that moment here no any other way for realise usage of personal addresses with security level same as must be.
    But if community decide to turn on import feature we are activate it. Here no problems. Open community vote result would be law for us📱.
    UPD: Non-custodial Wallet already in work and would be released
  3. Yes it’s necessary and it’s based on telegram specification, not on our own wildlings. About security here no any malicious. Bot only needs right to send messages and all.
    @Nasir can you comment this point ?
    UPD: Bot no nedds admins permission for now.
  4. In testing was involve about 15 community members, include Team members. All feedbacks are positive, community feedback also positive. No any negative feedbacks.
    From start to complete phase1 we are already done work same as I’m set in Timeline: 20 days;
    And yea it’s a complex and half of the complex feature already released.
    Desicions about bot features based on my own 8 years community management experience, actual requests from Conflux Community Side and Specification of Telegram Infrastructure.
    I’m know that Conflux Team more like Discord.
    But at first Telegram much more like and use CryptoCommunity, at second Telegram much more powerful and user-dev friendly.
    So about funding tier.
    Main part here it’s on phase 3.
    Phase 3 include Telegram DeFi integrations. If you find any other telegram product with same features plz share with us.
    We are not known it. And never hear about same for CFX ecosystem.
    Also NFT Creator Featire also unique and not have analog realise in Telegram.
    We are can cut off phase 3 for now and back to it later. So it’s redirect Funding To Tier 2 . No problem here.
    **UPD: Telegram released support of web app: ** All features of Phase3 for now available for realisation after Phase2 would be done
    5k $ it’s only for servers and faucet. So how about our work that already done and would be do? We are set funding for 1 dev work per hour, but in real here 3 team members who are work on it. So it’s 30$ per hour not so much as I see on other proposals.
    And needs clarify. We not ask to pay us for nothing. We are send request and ready to continue develop after getting decision and funding for phase 1. When middle progress would be done about phase 2 only after that we can say about phase 2 funding.
    We are not include monetisation system here, coz for us it’s non profit project, that we up for Conflux Community and for increase success of Conflux Project at all. Not for earn profits from it. Only fees for our work.
    But if community decide, as I say before, to change some, we would be follow community decision.

谢谢兄弟。 我们很高兴看到我们的想法得到了华人社区的好评。 Conflux 无国界社区


For now all points in roadmap can be realise.
Admins rights and permissions of bots come flexible. So no any problems here. Same about adding non-custodial wallet. ( already in work).
Telegram add support of web app:


And we are starting develop it before sharing proporsal only for give more trust to us from Conflux Side.
You are already one of Bot tester, but may be you forget about that:). It’s very easy in use.
So here no any problems for users to work with them. It’s same as WhaleBot in usage.
Native easy and common.
And as you see community vote for it. Same about all testers opinion. Include one of the founder.


Will this make dex as comfortable as cex is now?


Sure. U can trade and operate with your assets in telegram. More flexible, more user friendly, more easy. Not only Dex, but DeFi works at all.


Here is a lot of community support and not only. But it’s no sense. You not see reply and not have time for sure for that. Time for that you are all presuggested on tests. Keep of shame lol.


Hi @Mitrandir thanks so much for your application! Unfortunately the grants committee has decided to close this application. Though this grant has not been approved we still would love to see you continue to build and deploy on Conflux, and strongly encourage you to submit a new grant application!

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@Geoff can you share a reason of your decision? Coz community approve and suggest that. Same about one of the founder opinion. In real no one have negative about that. And all who are know and touch that product vote for.
But you are now say that it’s not apply. Without any explanations. Im not be delete that application and your answer well shown that grants committee approve only affiliated with grants committee projects. And that for Conflux Foundation no sense useful or not project for ecosystem. But much more important how can be wash Grants committee funds. Based on that, on Swappi PPI situation and on unclear Data that you set in quarterly reports. I’m want to up public question about changing Grants Program and Committee structure. Coz for now we here have centralise system, that managed by oriented on self profit and not on ecosystem success and community growth group of ppl.


Also wants to make Update about functionality. For since today we successfully tested NFT support. Community can mint, claim and send each other not only CRC20 tokens, but also NFT. It’s for now one and first telegram Bot that support onchain NFT operations. And that bot powered by Conflux Network. And we are happy to invite anyone in our official Conflux Russian Telegram Community: for try Conflux Community Bot feature on Conflux Hydra Testnet. For Admins of Telegram Chat and Chanels have extra functions.Cheers and See you


Sure better apply faucet and pay for it 5k$ Conflux Faucets – for Core and ESpace. Yes? Faucets since 2013 year in crypto not cost anything, every scholar can up it for 10 minutes.
But Your Committee apply it and pay out 5k$ for that.
And they are not work lol. Where committee logic? But I’m have answer, application set from new ukranian ambassador. Here is a clue.
No matter that not work and not cost 5k$. No matter that support only eSpace. No matter that faucets in few minutes goes empty. Coz faucets hunter scripts more than faucets on GitHub :joy::joy::joy:


it’s truth


Not good play from committee side.


The creation of grant applications is a personal initiative of each and every member of the community. But you should not create separate communities and call them official, all the official links of the Russian-speaking community are here, please take this into account and do not manipulate.

You can reapply for a grant.