Funding Tier: Tier 1

Link: ConfluxMap
Project title and description of the project.
Title: Confluxmap
Project Description: Confluxmap is a conflux analytic website that lets users view vital information about the conflux network, Information that includes: TPS, Difficulty, Block time, Hash Rate, Trusted Node, live Node, Locations of Node, and a map pin to pinpoint where on earth each and every node is located.

1, Showing the decentralization of Conflux in real-time.
2, Can be used in educational materials eg Presentations and Slides

Confluxmap currently averages a monthly Unique visit of 3,000 users.

Grant Usage

  • Hosting $54/monthly x12 x (2 instance backend and frontend) = $1296
  • IPStack : $10/monthly x12= $120
  • Mapbox for web: $5/ monthly= $60
  • Developer (Update and maintainer) = $300/ monthly x12 =$3600

Total: $5,076


That’s super cool. @flarcos have you done dashboards / map like these for other projects or are you interested in doing so?

Thanks, We have done Dashboards and maps before.
If you want one done, Please DM.


If I scroll the map using the mouse, I will find some exceptions that your map contains more than one Asia, North America, and the view can not display the mining node on the additional continents.

Thanks for applying, I think ConfluxMap is a great way to visualize what it means for Conflux to be a decentralized network.

Are you hosting the site on AWS? Why do you need a separate instance for the frontend, I’d assume serving a simple frontend like this should be quite cheap.

This happens when you zoom out, We could try make it static, I will give you feedback on this soon.

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It is currently hosted on AWS, I am trying to have some historical record in confluxmap soon hence why the backend instance is needed.
I opted for a package on AWS that was recommended base on the June record visit, That way if there are any other rush it will not affect performance.

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Would it be possible to host both backend and frontend on the same instance? Given the relatively low traffic.

Yeah, it is.

  1. How do you collect the node info?
  2. What the future play for this project,Do you have a plan to show more info for example client version, node os, or some info like ?

Currently what I would like to get done in the future is historic records, The plan also is not to crowd the page with too much info since the main point is to show the map and how decentralized the network is.

Via readily available API’s connected to the Conflux network.

@flarcos I really love this tool, and have used it a lot personally !

I think showing network stats and data is a super valuable resource to the ecosystem as a whole

Could we expand this site to include other key network metrics and their graphics?

Like @Geoff has mentioned we could make this even better by including a dashboard like interface having different metrics. Think conflux scan stats + node layout map view. One Stop Shop.


Hi @flarcos The map won’t load in full Trusted Nodes and Alive Nodes are not being defined nor put ON the map.