Dfyn’s liquidity node (AMM) and Router’s cross-chain bridge on Conflux Network

Project Title

Dfyn’s liquidity node (AMM) and Router’s cross-chain bridge on Conflux Network

Project Description

We are building a suite of cross-chain liquidity infra primitives that aims to promote seamless liquidity movement between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain solutions. At first, we aim to establish Dfyn AMM nodes across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains. Having these nodes will allow Dfyn to plug into a liquidity super-mesh, enabling users to perform their asset trades seamlessly on several blockchains from a single interface. Further, by integrating Router’s cross-chain liquidity protocol, our vision is to transition to a truly cross-chain DEX. Router’s liquidity bridges across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks will allow Dfyn to aggregate liquidity across these networks. Aside from connecting blockchains and enabling a free flow of information, Router will also enable one-click token mapping in a trustless manner. This means that projects launching their token on any one chain will be able to use Router’s cross-chain liquidity protocol (XCLP) to map their token across all the chains connected by Router’s bridges.

Link to Grant Proposal

Link to Website and social media channels

Dfyn Resources

Router Resources

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Conflux Wallet Address


Grant Funding Tier

Tier 2: Funding amount requested - $50K

Grant Budget, Milestones and Key Deliverables (Please include the milestone schedule from your award letter)

Milestones Grant Payable ($USD)

Milestone 1: Engage Conflux Community

· New Post in Grant Awardees Outlining Grant + Milestones

· Reference: https://forum.conflux.fun/t/milestone-review-and-forum-updates-for-awarded-grantees/5524

· AMA w/ English community in Conflux Discord / Telegram

· AMA Transcript posted in Conflux Grants Forum.

Milestone 2: Dfyn AMM Node on Testnet .5 months from signature.

· Changes to existing AMM contracts to make it compatible with Conflux main net.

· Functional Dfyn DEX on top of Conflux testnet.


Milestone 3: Dfyn AMM Node on Conflux Mainnet 1 month from signature.

· Report of all recorded transactions on test net with analysis of results

· Smart contract testing and indexing server

· Graph node deployed

· Dfyn AMM contracts deployed on Conflux mainnet.


Milestone 4: Router’s bridge contract on Conflux testnet 2.5 months from signature.

· Deploying bridge contract on Conflux testnet

· Transfers enabled between Kovan, Polygon testnet, and Conflux testnet.


Milestone 5: Swap functionality in Router testnet 3 months from signature.

· Integration of Dfyn node on Conflux with Router’s bridge contract

· Users will be able to swap assets on Polygon testnet and Kovan directly from Conflux’s testnet.


Milestone 6: Router’s cross-chain bridge on Conflux mainnet 3.5 months from signature.

· Bridge contract testing, including an audit.

· Deploying bridge contract on Conflux mainnet.

· Movement of liquidity from Ethereum and Polygon to Conflux enabled. What is the target here?


Milestone 7: Yield Farming Ecosystem on Dfyn AMM 2.5 months from signature, and ongoing marketing activities throughout the term of the grant.

· Increase TVL and boost community engagement. From a conservative point of view, we are looking to:

o Bootstrap over 75M in TVL within the first two months of launch.

o Having an average daily volume of 5M USD.

o Having more than 800 daily active users (swapper and liquidity providers) within the first two months of the launch.

· Dfyn launches multiple highly rewarding farms on Conflux mainnet

· Rewards from Dfyn + Conflux are both used to bootstrap liquidity on the chain.

· Report on Yield farming campaigns (showing metrics on including but not limited to: number of unique depositors, total TVL, 24hr volume etc)

· Onboard Conflux community members and Polygon members to Dfyn through:

o Participating in Conflux community AMAs to increase awareness about the project

o Host Conflux team members on an AMA in Dfyn’s community

o Send out tweets and update the Conflux forum after achievement of important milestones

o Engage Dfyn’s network of KOLs to promote and amplify aforementioned announcements and medium posts.

o Giving out farming rewards in collaboration with Conflux to bootstrap liquidity on Dfyn’s Conflux node

o A $DFYN token airdrop to early adopters.

o If ‘significant’ community traction, then Dfyn will launch prediction markets on Conflux. A good amount of community traction would include over 1500 daily active users and 10M daily trading volume.

o From a conservative viewpoint, we are targeting at least 12,000 new users to port over from other chains to the Conflux ecosystem within 2 months of launch.


Grant Status

Our tech team has started the development to achieve milestone 2.

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