eSpace Incubation Program - Application Form

Conflux Incubation Application

To submit your application for incubation, please fill out the application below.

To be considered you must fully ANSWER ALL questions.

Part 1: Background Information about the product/project

1.1 Name of applicant and role

1.2 Name of your project

1.3 Are you an incorporated startup?

1.4 Describe your project

1.5 Describe the business problem your startup is trying to solve.

1.6 Describe how your product or service works for the user.

1.7 What is the long-term vision of your startup?

Part 2: Funding Sought

2.1 How much funding are you seeking from us?

2.2 How do you plan to use the funds?

Part 3: Detailed Product Information

3.1 Customers: For whom is the protocol creating value? Who are the protocol’s most important users? What is your main value proposition for customers? Why would they use your product?

3.2 Stakeholders: Outline each of the different stakeholders involved and how they interact with the product/service.

3.3 Market: What are alternative or competing protocols? Pick a competitor and describe a main difference/competitive advantage. Is the competitor a substitute or complement?

3.4 Product business model: How does your product create revenue for the developers and the investors? (It may not create revenue, it may rely on token price appreciation, it may be an add-on to an existing project, etc.)

3.5 Technology: What is your startup’s core technology, explained in non-technical terms?

3.6 Tokens: Does your model require the issuance of a token? If so, what is the role of the token?

3.7 Governance: Is your model centrally controlled or is it decentral? How are key parameters of the protocol decided? Describe the decision-making/governance process.

3.8 Revenue: If you have not created revenue, how do you envision that your project creates revenue? How will its ongoing development and operation be financed (foundation, flow payments)?

3.9 Regulation: Does your model touch upon a regulated area? What problems do you foresee?

3.10 Risks: What kind of risk arise with regards to your project (operation, investors, users)?

Part 4: Project Stage and existing funding

4.1 Do you have a working prototype? Explain what the prototype or product demonstrates.

4.2 What is the stage of your projects?

  • Concept (have an idea but not working tech)

  • Technology (in the process of building the tech/prototype)

  • Working Prototype (have a working MVP)

  • Validation (have customers using/testing the product)

  • Early revenue (having paying customers but not profitable)

  • Profitable

4.3 Have you generated any revenue? If so, how much and over what period of time?

4.4 Have you raised any money from investors? Include amount raised and investors if applicable.

4.5 Have you received any grant funding? If so, how much and from which entity?

Part 5: Plans and ongoing commitment

5.1 How much time and money have you spent on developing this business?

5.2 Number of hours spent on the startup during the last 30 days?

5.3 Over the next 6 months, on average how many hours per month does this founder intend to work on the project?

5.4 Do you have any other professional commitments at the moment?

Part 6: Project members and experience

6.1 Have you participated in or spearheaded a project in the past? If so, describe the project and describe the extent to which the project has been successful.

6.2 Does your venture have any advisors? If so, please list them and give a brief description of their background.

6.3 Who are the key people that drive your project other than you? List their name and role, and briefly describe the relevant experience.

6.4 Is there anything else you would like to tell us?