eSpace Incubation Program

Conflux eSpace Launch Pad

Conflux is announcing its $5MM eSpace Launch Pad, offering funding of up to $100k for teams looking to launch their projects on Conflux eSpace.

In addition to funding, successful teams will also receive hands-on support in branding, community building, token economics, engineering, and marketing from our team of program mentors.

Areas of Focus

Conflux’s eSpace Launchpad will focus its program in the following areas:

  • DeFi: Real world assets, real yield products, TradeFi, and other innovative financial products.

  • Metaverse: Digital worlds, next gen NFTs, Gamify, and other innovative metaverse experiences.

  • Ecosystem: DAOs, Web3 infrastructure and developer tooling, enterprise adoption, education, and other ecosystem endeavors.

How to Apply

To apply for Conflux eSpace Launchpad program, please fill out the application form completely, and submit to the eSpace Launchpad section in the Conflux Forum.

Application Form < eSpace Incubation Program - Application Form >


I’m interested in your incubation program, but how to submit the application?
I didn’t find the input or uplaod indication.

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Hey @cnsdao! You can submit your application by adding a “New Topic” to the Incubation Program category.

Here is an example for submitting a grant application in the Grant Proposal category: How to Post Your Grant Proposal Application - Step-by-Step

Instructions are exactly the same except for you must create a New Topic in the Incubation Program page.