FC-CFX Non-reversible Exchange - ERROR?

When trying to “Withdraw Interests” - returns an error,
Contract: https://confluxscan.io/address/cfx:acag8dru4527jb1hkmx187w0c7ymtrzkt2schxg140?tab=transaction
Error in contact: Estimation isn’t accurate: transaction is reverted: balance not enough. Innermost error is at CFX:TYPE.CONTRACT:ACAG8DRU4527JB1HKMX187W0C7YMTRZKT2SCHXG140: Vm reverted. balance not enough.

*when I tried to add FC “Sign up for subsidy” - it also gives an ERROR
what happened to the contract?


I translated as - “It’s been several days and it hasn’t been processed yet” - does this mean that everyone has this problem? Yes, it is clear that there is a minimum balance on the contract (now 2.315),
then two questions: 1) is there real technical support here on the forum?
2) FC-CFX Non-reversible Exchange - Interest-bearing CFX (19,164,332) - how is it even possible that the BALANCE on the CONTRACT HAS ENDED?

and no one can withdraw their interest

The Foundation will allocate a portion of CFX from the Ecosystem fund to make the interest payments.
is the CFX part over?

Yes, everyone has encountered this issue. We can only wait for them to handle it.