Free Developer Program for Spanish-speaking ecosystem


In this training program, we seek to bring developers closer to the Spanish-speaking ecosystem of Conflux Network. This program has 3 phases of development.

  1. Free 3-hour introductory course where we cover from what is blockchain to the development of contracts and tokens in Conflux.
  2. Live workshops to deepen knowledge during the course.
  3. Open hackathon for application development on Conflux.

The free course will be available for August 2021 in

Social Networks
You can follow our work and announcement through our social networks at

All workshops will be Live on our YouTube Channel

All the material will be uploaded to

Grant Milestones and Key Deliverables:
● 3-hours basic course for developers. We prepare the entire course.

  • Objective: 200 developers in a 6-month plan.

● 6 technical workshops (1 per month for 6 months). We manage the agenda, topics, and community in order to have the greatest impact and monthly participation.

  • Objective: Monthly participation of 30 developers minimum.

● (1) Hackathon: We organize, manage, and promote the hackathon to have the greatest impact and participation

  • Objective: 150 developers

Grant Status

We are currently working on the first stage, free open course.