Important Announcement Regarding Binance Exchange Depositing

It’s not possible to deposit your CFX assets from centralized exchanges or Conflux Network directly into Binance, as Binance only supports the deposit of bCFX (BEP20). bCFX (BEP20) is the cross-chained of CFX on Binance Smart Chain.

Users need to cross-chain the native CFX from Conflux Network into BSC via ShuttleFlow in order to obtain bCFX (BEP20). A detailed guide can be found here: How to Cross-Chain CFX From Conflux Network to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Only after the user has successfully obtained bCFX in their BSC wallet, he/she can deposit the bCFX into their Binance Wallet! Do not cross-chain your CFX directly into the Binance wallet via

We suggest users to:

  1. Cross-chain their CFX into an independent BSC address to obtain bCFX (BEP20)
  2. Send bCFX (BEP20) from their independent BSC address* into their Binance wallet for the deposit

Users should not cross-chain CFX directly into their Binance wallet address using ShuttleFlow

In order to send the bCFX from their wallet (e.g. MetaMask connected to the BSC network) to the Binance exchange, the users must have BNB in their wallet to pay for the network fees.

Important: Do not use your Binance deposit address as the destination address when swapping tokens to BSC. Please ensure that you use a personal BSC address to receive the tokens first and then send to your Binance deposit address.

If you have any problems with depositing assets into your Binance Exchange account, please contact the Binance in-app customer service!

this is extremely inconvenient and is going to turn a lot of users off. why cant they just list CFX like any other coin? They don’t make ETH traders cross chain to bETH. i bought 75 CFX on binance and when i realized i couldn’t withdraw to my CFX wallet i sold it again.

I completely understand, a lot of our community members are frustrated. Unfortunately we can’t control what coins exchanges list. I would recommend tweeting at Binance and letting them know your frustrations.

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I know its not you guys i just figure they would be more likely to listen to the conflux team vs some random nobody on the internet. In regard to tweeting at them, that’s not a bad idea they probably wont even see it but i guess it cant hurt.