Initiate a new DAO

As we know last year the DAO vote reduced the miner reward from 7 coins per block to 2 coins (proof Conflux DAO# 1 - 每个区块的基础奖励(已完成)/The base reward of every block(Closed)). The reason for this decline was the argument that the miners are make too much pressure on the price and these coins are getting to the miners too cheap (proof 对Conflux链上的矿工奖励的一些探讨 , t/topic/4108). As a result the block reward for miners was reduced by 3.5x. Of course, this all reduced the pressure on the price. But as we see this is not enough. The 5 billion coins issued in the genesis block for unlocking under the conditions specified in the white paper are also putting enormous pressure on the price. At the moment, the coins of private investors have already been unlocked (unlocking conditions have been changed compared to whitepaper, proof -investors-ajustes-a-las-conditiones-de-desbloqueo-para-inversores-privados/6492). Some team coins were also unlocked (proof cfx:aat1shgyt7bf0tmjsje2465d83e4jhtu8eb9w8rbb0) etc. As a result, this put such pressure on the price, for 10 months now we have seen huge sales of unlocked coins market investors are ruined the project has lost 200 positions in the CMC rating and so on.

Now o have a same arguments about unlocking coins, i mean pressure on the price and the fact that the unlocked coins went to the recipients at too low a price. I propose to reduce all future unlocks 3.5x, that is, in the same proportion in which the miners’ reward was reduced. Thus this will reduce the pressure on the price almost completely restore the tokenomics originally included in the whitepaper (since the proportions of coins mined by miners and unlocking included in the genesis block will return to the original ones). I say it will almost completely restore tokenomics, since the coins of private investors have already been unlocked and the proportions will still be slightly violated, but this is for the best since private investors bought coins for real money and had great investment risks, so reducing the number of coins for them would be breach of contract. However a 3.5x reduction in future unlocks will return tokinomics to the original with a very small digression.

So, how i see question and answer for new DAO? Something like this:

Question: Reduce the future unlocks indicated in the whitepaper 3.5x like reducing the reward of miners from 7 to 2 coins per block?

Answer options: Yes or No

PS: Hardfork is coming. If i right understand a hardfork is needed for so big changes in tokenomics.


makes sense, the team pay attention to it


Пора бы уже начинать

Good idea!