Notice Regarding Advance Unlocking Of Investor Tokens

According to Conflux Network’s whitepaper “Investor Token Unlock Rules,” the allocated private investor CFX tokens will be unlocked monthly over two years following the launch of Conflux. Based on the market spot CFX price, the investor tokens may be unlocked in advance to provide liquidity to the CFX market in facing price volatility.

When the five-day average spot price of CFX exceeds specific values, private investor tokens may be partially unlocked in advance upon Conflux Foundation’s approval. (Detailed documentation can be found in Conflux Network’s whitepaper.)

The last five-day average market spot price of CFX exceeded 1.0 USD, and the private investors have requested an in-advance unlock of their tokens. Conflux Foundation has decided to release the upcoming one month’s tokens in advance to all private investors.

Sounds like something to be done by a governance vote.

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Conflux decided to hold a governance vote?

not by governance. it was by the foundation as written in wp

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