[Notice] ShuttleFlow v1.4.0 (Token Captain Removed) Upgrade Notice

ShuttleFlow will be upgraded from 10:00 (GMT+08) to 19:00 (GMT+08) on September 2, 2021. During the upgrade, users will not be able to cross-chain assets through ShuttleFlow. Already cross-chained assets (e.g., cUSDT) can be used normally in the network they are in. In the upgraded ShuttleFlow version, “Token Captain” will be removed, and no one can serve as an intermediary. The remaining collateral assets of previous Token Captains will be returned to their addresses.

The advantages of the new version over the previous version:

  • 0 handling fee: no Token Captains can act as an intermediary to charge high cross-chain fees
  • Users only need to pay Gas Fees on relevant networks

More info: Why do you need to “claim” your assets?