** Old Wallet Address** ALERT: Gate.io Wallet addresses

UPDATE Gate.io have turned off withdrawals from old addresses!!!
When withdrawing from the Conflux network, you can still input the old address (address beginning with 0x1) to withdraw money, but once you refresh it, it will show that the withdrawal is cancelled.

As mentioned in our announcement posted March 3 (Important Notice Regarding New Wallet Addresses & Exchanges) the address format of Conflux wallets has changed to better differentiate it from Ethereum wallet addresses to minimize confusion in transfers.

Please be aware that Gate.io’s CFX withdraw service is not working as expected. We have already contacted Gate.io on this matter and asked them to can fix this problem as soon as possible.

**Do Not withdraw CFX to any wallet address with the old Conflux address format (0x1…) on Gate.io (or anywhere else). The problem occurs when withdrawing CFX to Conflux Network addresses stored on Gate.io’s address book with the old Conflux address format (0x1…). Since Gate.io automatically transfers the CFX to BSC.

Despite repeated requests to Gate.io’s team, on both mobile and desktop versions of Gate.io, the above-described problem remains.

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