One-Click PoS Pool deployment - GS PoS Pool

One-Click PoS Pool deployment – TIER 1 (3 000$)

As explained on the Conflux Technical Grant Proposition page ( 1).
Setting up a PoS pool is challenging. One needs to run a node, deploy and configure contracts on Core Space and eSpace, verify contracts, hosting the UI, etc. In this grant, we ask you to create a tool that automates this process.

The strategic objective of this grant is to make PoS pool deployment easier and through this, to lower the entry barrier. Project’s source code and created docker images will be open source and available on GitHub. Docker images will be available to use with docker directly via Docker hub (Easy to install).

Application will be public and accessible to all. Deployed on Docker Hub for easy access and source code and docker images to GitHub repository.

Functionalities include but are not limited to:

Run a Dockerized conflux-rust node with the appropriate configuration. This includes proper syncing (, PoS registration, etc.
Automatically deploy, configure, and verify pool contracts on both Core Space and eSpace.
Run a Dockerized preconfigured version of the PoS pool UI.
The contracts and UI should use the reference implementation with no modification: The node should use the Dockerized conflux-rust distribution:

Conflux PoS Pool One-Click deployment, one-step install docker image, Proof-of-Stake Staking Pool installation


Frank 12 years experience on web 2 development, 3 years experience on blockchain development, here is our project on Conflux

Jensen currently work on HK project.

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Hello @frank, thanks for applying for this grant. I have some questions:

  • What would be the basic requirements (hardware and knowledge) for a user to use the platform?
  • Can you share some more information about your previous experience and your github profile?


hardware: 16G RAM Ubuntu server.
knowledge: just run a few command, eg: a) run PoS Pool[will help user to install docker if not installed]. b) upgrade Node upgrade pool UI c) upgrade contract, all details was encapsulated behind our scripts.

we maintained a few PoS pool nodes, till now, we launched more than 50 times nodes on PoS, there are 4 servers are running for more than 5 months, we may encountered 100 errors during our test, but we try to let our end user forget what is error look like in PROD environment. here is my github


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Project URL:


Create 3 dockers to manage the PoS pool

  1. Docker Node. Download snapshot via archive tool and run the node. (progress 90%)
  2. Docker Contract_eSpace, automatically deploy the core pool contract and espace contract, sync the profit from Core to eSpace. (progress 90%)
  3. Docker Webpage, a .net 6+sqlite web app, provide a webpage to monitor the pool status, can backup/apply PoS key, upgrade the node & contract. (progress 60%)

The first version will be released at Sep 18.

This is cool, when will your tool finished ?

It’s better to provide good and detail documentation for this tool.

And also do you have any thoughts on the security of node, PoS key and etc ?

Could be finished on Sep 18.

Pool admin have to provide email, password to encrypt the PoS node, private key to deploy the contract in a config file, which can be stolen easily if the server was hacked.

Can encrypt those information after release a workable version.

Welcome to run the experience version.

Hi Guys
Frank has finished his first version, everyone can try it if interested @Nico @tonyycc