PoS Registration Tutorial (Conflux v2.0.0-testnet)

PoS Registration Tutorial


Access testnet-governance.confluxnetwork.org in the browser and connect your Portal(using the Conflux Testnet).

Choose the staking CFX amount (at least 1000). Then click “Stake”. This action needs to be confirmed in the portal.

2. Registration

After staking, choose PoS here.

Right-click the “Start” icon on the left corner of your screen and then press “Windows PowerShell”;

Copy the directory path of the run directory using right-click. Enter cd + space + the directory path you copied in Powershell.

And then run the command:

./conflux rpc local pos register --power 1

The first returned value is the data field required when registering for PoS transactions. The second returned value is the address of the PoS account.

Then paste the data field above to “Full node data”,and enter the votes you would like to lock (1000 CFX for 1 vote). Confirm in the portal.

qu’elle est la nouvelle méthode pour crée un node POS sachant que l’interface à changé SVP