Start Fullnode Tutorial(Conflux v2.0.0-testnet)

Start Fullnode Tutorial

Conflux v2.0.0-testnet (only Windows tutorials)

1. Network setting

Switch blockchain network to Conflux Test Network

2. Set configuration of the fullnode program

Running test notes on Windows:

  • We recommend you to close your anti-virus software(including Windows Defender)
  • Your Windows 10’s version must be 1903 or higher

You need to download the following files:

Fullnode GitHub download link:

Preparation of running full node program:

  • Create a directory named conflux
  • Extract the download package to the directory
  • Download the pos_config package and move the decompressed folder to the run directory

:warning: The directory structure should look like this:

└── run
    └── pos_config
    └── conflux.exe
    └── conflux.pdb
    └── testnet.toml
    └── log.yaml
    └── clear_state.bat
    └── libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll
    └── libssl-1_1-x64.dll
    └── start.bat
    └── throttling.toml

Configuration set-up instructions

You need to edit testnet.toml file in order to set up the configuration.

# mining_author="cfxtest:xxxxxxxxxx..."

Please edit “cfxtest:xxxx…” and set it to your own wallet address. (starts with cfxtest:)

Delete “#” before “mining_author…”

3. Turn on the test mode

Open the log.yaml file and find the commands shown in the following figures, replace all the “info” with “debug”, then save the file.

The command should look like this after edition:

4. Run the full node program

Double click start.bat document, start Fullnode.

Note: here you need to enter the password and confirm it:

Some may not be able to start the program. If the startup fails, please replace the compatible version of the program for testing. The download link is the same as above.