t² (T-Square): Read to Earn, read to repute.

Funding Tier: Tier 1- 3 whole development process

**Project Overview: **
• Project title and description of the project.

t²(short for time²) is a cyber world (Information Metaverse) for people to collectively achieve shared goals through reading, where reading time is our reputation system, and subculture is our happy by-product.

t² believes the fatal weakness of the knowledge track in the web 2 world lies in the lacking of feedback mechanism. That’s why gamifying reading is the key to unlock the full potential of this knowledge track.

Unlike listening and watching, reading takes real effort. t² is the first player in the web 3 world that monetizes human attention through reading. This breaks the boundary between intrinsic human existence: time, and a spendable, flowable social value: engagement.

t² hopes reading becomes the new sexy :slight_smile:

• How will this project be integrated into Conflux?

As a social media network, t² will launch in multi eco-systems including Conflux network.
t² token contract (TXT issuance) and DAO contract (community governance voting schemes and dividend distribution) will be deployed on the conflux network.

• Why is your team interested in creating this project?

Deep reading has become a lost art in modern lifestyle. The fragmentation of our attention through social media has already caused individual happiness decline and culture vacuum on a societal level.
If we only feed on those short-term chemicals without eating the actual meal, we don’t have a collective future. The dystopian visions from two worlds greatest thinkers George Orwell and Aldous Huxley had described this fairly well. What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared, on the other hand, was that there would be no reason to ban a book, since there would be no one who would want to read one.
t² believes the best way to solve the current media dilemma is to have new incentive models for people to collaborate for the better, to proactively find relevance for every individual.
“Read to earn, read to repute, read to contribute.” represents the 3 layers of t² user experience. That is what t² defines as the new “social reading”.
-Read to earn: User’s reading time translates into crypto which gets distributed towards the content creator, community as publisher, and the reader him/herself.
-Read to repute: t² creates a new matrix for social reputation system based on user’s reading time and sub-culture engagement level, which is a very positive social feedback created to incentivize positive user behaviors regarding “knowledge is the new fame”.
-Read to contribute: The value of TXT (t² native token) lies in the essence of the curation value of every user’s attention spent on the network. User engagement towards the content they proactively choose helps the entire t² network to propagate information and produce new public goods (public information) in a decentralized manner.

**Project Details: **
• High-level technical approach, product flow & architecture (along with a diagram).

• Any mockup designs of user facing components.
Daily Newspaper Preview (Customized main page):

Website flow under development:

Prove of attention (Deep reading) mock up:

• Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components:

Web-App: Based on React, mature blockchain client libraries, implementing functionality of login, DAO.
Mobile-App: With native programming language of Swift and Android implement modern, best user experience UI flow.
Backend: Developing and deploying in a high-availability cloud environment, hosting reliable and fast applications to China, US and global users.
Search & AI: Fully cloud-capable modern large scale data pipelines, full-text indexing search engine and home-built AI engines, facilitating the smartest DAO and rewarding model.

• Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?

As a social media network aiming to establish in front of the public mass, the core value t² is its upsides in user adoption and the potential of becoming the next social trend. This will bring great adoption for conflux network and bigger transaction volume on a daily basis. Also, t² hopes to grow together with our collaborators and establish as contributors in the blockchain space as visionists.

• Team:

Mengyao Han: Founder @Shanghai
[email protected]
Background: Former architect for 8 years, killer designer, visionary.
Responsibilities: Team leader/Platform architecture/Product design/ User experience

Zhiguang Wang: CTO @Seattle
[email protected]
Background: PHD in computer science regarding Artificial intelligence. Working in Facebook as lead AI engineer. Coder for 10 years.
Responsibilities: Technological Architecture Design/ System design/ Algorithm design/ Contract design

Bury Huang: TPM @Seattle
[email protected]
Background: 20 year experience in software engineering and software development leader with deep knowledge of blockchain architecture, backend, cloud, and project management.
Responsibilities: Daily management of the tech development/ Front end/ Back end/ API/ Cloud
Linkedin Handle: https://www.linkedin.com/in/buryhuang411/

Dimitar Dinev: cofounder &CFO @Shanghai
[email protected]
Background: Defi (since 2017), venture capital, exchange operations, investment banking.
Responsibilities: Network ecosystem design/ tokenomics/ strategy/ Go to market
Linkedin handle: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitar-dinev/

• Name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project:


• Team’s Github code repositories:
At the moment we don’t upload any repositories as we keep them proprietary. Will go open source when well developed.

• Development Roadmap:
General Roadmap:

Deliverable/Request funding/Milestone&duration/Number of full time employees/Number of days+daily costs/Whole development costs are all summarized in this table :

This slide can also be found here:

• Long Term Vision: What is the team’s long term vision for the project?

As a product for the public, t² curate the reading experience as its profession. It is a web “detox manifesto” and a celebration for the return of knowledge.
With the utilization of governance models (DAO voting schemes), subcultures on t² network achieve their self- sovereigns that governs and modifies their own content and create their own relevance. Gradually, a diverse, human and vivid planet is formed on t² when every community thrives from their own culture, co-achieving a healthy balance of freedom and jurisdiction on the network.

We hope knowledge will be popular once more, and t² becomes the next diamond in the social media world.

• Community Engagement:
Will provide the update.
Currently unfolding on Medium and will unfold on twitter and discord.

• Delivery Requirements: Github repositories/test suites/guides on how to run:
Will provide the info when necessary.

• Other:any further information or attachments :
Slides of t² presentation:


cool, 大赞!何时能落地?


Thanks for this comprehensive application! Really excited for you all to be at the forefront of the next step in blockchain mass adoption–social.

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First of all, thank you for the most comprehensive and detailed grant application! Future applications should make this an example :smiley:

The team has a more than solid background, the financials with milestones are clearly stated, the implementation of boudin curves within the community DAO are very interesting!

Would love to hear more about your project and have the community involved from the very beginning!


For those who don’t know about bonding curves–read up. Super interesting and inclusive

This is a awesome project, but i have several questions:

  1. How to measure the reading time and quality, how to avoid cheating on reading time
  2. Where does the content come from, how to incentive the content author
  3. What’s the TXT’s use scene?

Those are all good questions, thanks for mentioning.

  1. Reading time is measured by dwell time (Counter) while user stay on a certain page. To avoid cheating, we implement several designs within the t² reading experience:
    (1). The article is formatted page by page (Which also reduces user’s skimming habit, more friendly for deep reading engagement). To turn a page users need to move from right to left with their mouse (As shown on the prove of attention page, there are two dots on the two side of the paper which will be slightly moving without user realizing them moving)to stimulate the offline turning page effect. Meanwhile, this functions as a cap shot, which verifies if it is human turning the page or bots activity. For a bot to do it one time right, it is almost impossible.
    (2) For every certain page, there is a pre-calculation made by the algorithm as a expected reading time range. Anything far from the range will not be counted as effective reading activity.
    (3) Governance protection: Community DAO and t² DAO do have the rights to cancel minting power of certain content when a threat is detected.

  2. t² Content comes from 2 ways: Original content created by t² creators (Direct reward) , and free content from the internet hand picked by t² communities (reward reserved for the actual creator when they become a t² user if they provide the right handle to verify). When exterior attention is drawn on a piece of content, TXT get minted. These freshly minted TXT will be distributed between the content creator, community, and reader. Based on the timing, the distribution curve between the three differs. For instance, for a newly posted content, reader’s share will be bigger in order to incentivize content discovery. While time passes, the content creator’s share becomes bigger, since it is a reflection of the performance of their work’s quality. Same with the community, they have a long-tail profit effect.

  3. TXT can be utlized include but not limited in: Community opening, Content listing, Ads listing, Community citizenship payment (Subscription) , Distributed profits (DAO staking), purchasing community tokens, etc.

Feel free to raise further questions, we are very willing to discuss around them.

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This is a very thoughtful and well planned grant application, I have no current questions and wish you the best in your grant progress and development.

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Congratulations @T-Square! T-Squared’s grant application has been approved by the Global Grants Committee!

For reference, below are the voting results:

Hello. How your development progress go?