Monezo is a revolutionary NFT platform that connects traditional real-world assets & business revenue with NFT holders and combines it into one integrated ecosystem.

Our vision is to make Monezo the only platform you need for your strong financial future.

Monezo solves the following issues:
• Lack of investment opportunities independent from crypto market conditions & volatility (bear market);
• Lack of flexibility for the preferred amount of capital investments;
• Lack of tracking tools for real-time yield farming for various asset types.

Benefits you get with Monezo:
• With Monezo you are backed by the yield from real assets, while DeFi zero backed;
• Monezo does not limit your profit. You can invest any capital amount you want;
• Monezo is not only about high yields it is about a complete ecosystem that will take care of all your finances.

How Yieldful NFT Works?

NFT holders can choose the best options for everyone from different NFT collections with fixed, flexible, or combined yields which depend on the type of business.

Each NFT will differ and has unique specialties depending on business types starting from real estate, car & yacht rental to insurance and microloans. So conservative investors can choose to hold real-estate-related NFT and get stable yield, while degens benefit from flexible profit-related NFT such as microloans, car rental, etc.

See the infographic below to better understand the full working Yieldful NFT cycle with the description of all intermediate processes.

Just within half a year, we have managed to achieve tremendous results and accomplish desired milestones:
• significantly expanded the Monezo family to 15+ members;
• finished market research & competitors case study;
• finalized idea & project concept;
• completed documentation - LitePaper, PitchDeck & OnePager;
• settled down various partnerships: MultiBank Group, Pion Finance, etc;
• website & marketplace draft;
• Pilot projects: Real Estate and Car Rental NFT collections design & concept;
• attracted experienced advisors & consultants from industry-leading companies: Accenture, Pion Finance, Dubai Properties, MultiBank Group, etc;
• featured in several exhibitions and media resources: best WEB3.0 RigaCOMM 2022 Conference project.

We are looking for experienced advisors, incubators and VCs who can provide not only financial resources, but rather different types of values & expertise to shape together the global economic landscape.

To get more information, please visit Monezo Deck to access our OnePager, PitchDeck & LitePaper.

Hi @Monezo thanks for your application! Looks like an interesting project would love to learn more! Though I dont think this grant qualifies for a technical grant, I would recommend submitting an application for the eSpace incubation program. eSpace Incubation Program

Please complete your application following the template provided via the link and submit your completed application to the Incubation Program section of the forum for review.

Thanks! :slight_smile: