How to report bugs

If your computer device’s configuration is a little bit lower, please rember do not replace the debug item in file log.yaml . We recommend the user whose configuration is better to open the debug mode, if you submit valid bug, the reward is considerable.

1. Open the debug mode

Except for the normal mining configuration, please open the log.yaml file and find the location of the loggers, replace all info with debug, then save file and exit.


2. The format of reported bug and how to report the bug

If you are facing any problems. please wait patiently for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, if the condition is as same as before, please report your bug as soon as possible.

Way of making feedback material:

  1. Place the taskmanager (Ctrl + Shift + ESC key to open) on the mining program interface, and take a screenshot together with the mining interface (click “name” to fix the command processing program and reduce the task manager interface).


  1. Close the mining program, build up a compressed file consist of log directory and stderr.txt

  2. Send the screenshot together with the compressed package to Google Drive, and create a sharing link

Format of feedback record

description of the problem:xxxxx (General description in text form)
Link:xxxxxx (Google Drive's sharing link)

Please send your wallet address, bounty email and the above BUG feedback to: After the BUG feedback, please delete the log data to restart mining (not restarting will lose the regular mining rewards)

If we confirm the bug, we will report you by email, if it is your operation problem, we won’t tell you any more, please try Conflux forum or communicate with the community member.

程序停止运行,重启后,几秒钟自动关闭了,链接: 提取码: fv7k 复制这段内容后打开百度网盘手机App,操作更方便哦

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