Conflux Oceanus Mining Testing - Phase 2

Conflux Oceanus Mining Testing - Phase 2

The purpose of this event is to allow more community members to join Conflux Oceanus.The software release version of mining testing phase 2 is v0.6.1. The basic principle is that one wallet address corresponds to one Bounty account.( If there are repeated entries of participating wallet addresses and/or bounty platform accounts, only one will be valid for the participation )

Test Time:

Starting Time: 4th of August 2020 - 00:00 (GMT+8)
Finishing Time: est. 25th of August 2020 - 00:00 (GMT+8)
Total Duration: 504 hours

Reward rules

CPU Mining Reward:

During the mining testing activity:
Each node will be awarded up to 25 FC for each 24-hour time period a CPU node participates in the Oceanus network that complies with the required test.
Trustnodes can get an additional 25 FC for each 24-hour time period of participation.

GPU Mining Reward: TBA

We will announce the mining rewards after the end of each event, and distribute them to the Bounty accounts of participating users under the supervision of the community testing team. The award is issued based on the information on the registration form. The applicant shall bear the loss if the applicant fails to receive the reward due to the error of the applicant.

How To Participate:

This is a mining testing that everyone can participate in. You only need to refer to the official mining tutorial or a mining tutorial created by the community for starting your own Conflux Node to participate in the mining testing on Conflux Oceanus. The software release version to be used for running the Conflux Oceanus Node and for participating in the Conflux Oceanus Mining Testing is V0.6.1.

How to report bugs:
Link (How to report bugs)
If you encounter any problems during the mining process, please wait for 30 minutes. If the problem still exists after the 30 minutes of waiting, then congratulations, you may have found a possible bug in the network, please follow the official BUG feedback process.
BUG feedback incentive: A valuable bug feedback confirmed by Conflux Network Core Developers can be rewarded with a minimum of 500 FC.

Mining tools:
Conflux Scan Address - Click Here
Conflux testnet mining tutorial - Click Here
How to become a Trustnode & How to check your node - Click Here
How to compile the Conflux executable file from source - Click Here
Conflux Forum’s Mining Topic - Click Here

The data provided are for reference only! After the Conflux Oceanus Mining Activity is finished, the information regarding the release of the final rewards will be from Conflux Oceanus.