Traderbot X : Tokenized Black Box Trading Strategy.




The Problem:

  1. Investor need to analyze past performance data of trading strategy , but only big trading firm trusted by investor to provide valid past performance data.
  2. Independent trader may use blockchain to be proof of his trading performance. But transparency on blockchain allow other to steal his strategy easily.

The Solution:
Tokenized “black box” trading strategy.

  • token price = trading performance
  • easy participation. just buy the token
  • hidden strategy on unverified contract, transparent result on token price

How it work:


  • The trading strategy running as some unverified smart contracts, called blackbox.
  • Blackbox “unverified” status will make the strategy will be difficult to steal/copied.
  • Blackbox connected to decentralized exchange (dex) and trade there using a strategy.
  • As time goes by, thorough proft and lose, total asset locked within black box will grow/decline.


  • Tradingbot X Token (TXT) represent strategy performance used by blackbox.
  • Initially some token will be used as liquidity with same price as total asset locked in blackbox.
  • Remaining token will be locked within blackbox.
  • When blackbox total asset change, a smart contract will do arbitrage operation between dex and blackbox.
  • Token may be bought or dumped on dex by this smart contract.
  • This ensure the price of token pegged to blackbox total asset or represent strategy performance.


  • Tradingbot X NFT (TBOTX) is a way for anyone to become the owner of blackbox and receive revenue from the strategy.
  • All minting fee and arbitrage profit will be sent to blackbox to be used to run the strategy.
  • Every 24 hours the owner may claim revenue given by blackbox.







Glass Box :point_down:

Black Box :point_down:



  1. Install metamask plugin on chrome
  2. Set metamask network to Conflux eSpace Testnet:
  1. Get some testnet espace CFX here:

Minting first NFT:

  1. Go to
  2. Ensure your metamask connected to Conflux eSpace Testnet
  3. Ensure you have minimum 50 CFX. Faucet will give you 100 CFX for free (look preparation)
  4. Scroll down and look for:
  5. Click “MINT NFT”
  6. Your NFT will be shown on table Owned NFTs
  7. Wait for 1 day. Claim Token button will be enabled.
  8. Click Claim Token to retrieve daily free token for your NFT

Trade TXT Token

  1. Go to:
  2. If you havent add TXT token to metamask. Click “Add TXT Into Metamask”
  3. If you own NFT but havent claim token. Claim the token.
  4. Click “Trade TXT on Swappi” to open testnet swappi exchange page.
  5. Or just visit this page: to trade.

Hello everyone. We have establish our telegram group. This is the link:
Ask any question to us. We will answer as soon as possible

Hey hey. Can I ask you. What exchanges support your product and on what based analyse logic, trading strategy that bot build define from what? What benefits you can get to users I’d compare your and 3Commas as example ?

We will support dex on conflux: swappi. The logic will be based on ta indicator and some money management strategy. the strategy will be written in smart contract but it will be unverified, so the strategy stay hidden and cant be front running or copied.

Our token (TXT) represent this trading strategy performance. On winning token price will be up, on lose token price will down. TXT token price will be undisputable proof for the performance. Compared to bot on cex, they may give you some performance data, but you must trust them. You dont know does they lie or not. Meanwhile our performance proven by swappi it self. You may check their analyze & chart for TXT token.

It’s how? On winning you token price down?
You token simulate synthetic algorithmic Stablecoin economy model? And what mean strategy are closed? I’m as end user must know what a basic principals are at program that would be manage my funds. It’s normal. Any bots have settings. Ranges, orders etc. Have slippage anti PnD protection, etc. if your Bot based in AI anyway it’s have started level.
Swappi is a AMM Dex. So AMM easy to manipulate with price via weak liquidity pools. And for what needs TraderBot on AMM exchanges only if you are not have aim to increase liquidity and trading volume of your own pools and Dex at all.
Guys, here is decentralisation area. Forget about sentences “you must” and etc when you have discussion with your potential community. When you present product, it’s you must do all that ppl like it and use. Not ppl must.
And keep in mind that much more easy not trust own funds to anyone. Especially for manage trading on AMM Dexes. I’m know few teams who are have real workable MM Ai for AMM but it’s not same as mass adoption products. It’s very very difficult to realise and who do that in real, always have a private clients.
And why you cannot simple pump your token via centralise manage of your smart contract = manage all your dApp users funds? I’m check PPI chart and it’s improve me much more trust. Also when I go to ConfluxScan and get multiple proofs that “whale” is full associated with Conflux Foundation. Lol

no, to understand how our token work please check 2nd thread. about tokenset. it work like these for simple example:

  1. let’s say we use very simple strategy for pair eth/usd. buy if price above sma 21, sell below sma 21
  2. we set up wallet or smart contract with 10000 usdt. we also set up liquidity on dex 500 usdt & 500 token
  3. wallet/smart contract at no 2 will run by strategy in no 1, so asset on wallet/sc not always 10000 usdt. may be up, may be down. the chart will represent the effectivenes of strategy 1
  4. when there is gap of price between wallet/smart contract and dex. an arbitrage bot will make the price on dex follow total asset in wallet/smart contract.
  5. this mean: token price pegged to total asset resulted from strategy performance

on point 1 example above. we dont publicy the strategy, because if its open, the token will be irrelevant. just read the code for strategy and run those strategy yourself without using our token

all parameter received from our machine learning process (though ml & ai is overhyped). already tested. back tested and forward tested. so we got the optimal profit/risk. no need for user to select strategy or parameter for best result

Dex enable all operation especially arbitrage running on chain. It will be transparent, who control and manipulate the price, it will be shown on scan. And it no need for human intervention if running by smart contract. On our system, the one that control price, is a smartcontract that part of strategy. It hold all non-circulating token, and it also hold the biggest liquidity. Because the smart contract is the biggest “whale” its not easy for other to manipulate price.

We dont manage user funds. User no need to stake with us. To participate user have 2 ways:

  1. buy txt token on swappi dex. sell the token to take profit or cut loss
  2. mint tbotx nft for some fee. tbotx nft owner may claim daily token. those token is part of revenue from strategy profit and arbitrage opportunity. nft supply is limited, and there is risk token generated may not cover minting fee

hope this answer the questions. thank you to ask

How you not manage funds if users? Trading bot smart contract trade with users funds :wink:

hello all, we are doing airdrop event for our twitter and telegram group engagement.
below the details:

#traderbotx $TXT token #Airdrops

Prize: 10 $TXT for 200 users

  1. on twitter like and follow
  2. retweet and tag 2 friends
  3. join telegram group
  4. leave on reply #conflux espace address & telegram id


  • user will be chosen randomly
  • deadline 10 may
  • prize will be distributed max 1 week after mainnet launch


1st Airdrop Event had ended. Congrats to the winners (twitter accounts) below:
10 $TXT has been sent to the conflux espace wallet. Thank you to participate to the event.
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Hello Conflux community. Traderbot X team want to expand the team. We looking for community builder/manager. For anyone with experience, please dm me. Thank you

Traderbot X Mainnet has been launched. Its deployed on conflux eSpace & listed on Swappi.
Our token (TXT) price chart can be found on dexscreener. Link to swappi and dexscreener can be found on Traderbot X dashboard (link on 1st thread).

About Traderbot X NFT (TBOTX)

Traderbot X NFT (TBOTX) is NFT that represent ownership of Traderbot X. By minting an NFT, user help to increase amount CFX manage by Traderbot X vault. As compensation vault will unlock TXT token on daily basis, from 1st hand, and will last for long time (until total supply locked exhausted)

TBOTX owner have advantage compared ordinary user that trade directly from Swappi, because buy token from Swappi often bounded to low liquidity and high slippage.

TBOTX also in limited supply of 8888 units.

TXT Token Generated By TBOTX

There are 4 tier of TBOTX NFT. More expensive the NFT, more SHARE it have. SHARE will decide how much token received for every NFT.

Every 24 hours, Traderbot X will unlock some amount token linearly to total CFX managed by vault. More CFX managed, more TXT unlocked.

The token unlocked will be distributed fairly based on SHARE vs total SHARE.

More question? Join Traderbot X TG:

Can you explain, how you can launch Mainnet, if your are not a layer 2 solution? You can only launched on Conflux eSpace Mainnet. But not launch traderbox’s mainnet. And what ticker is right for you: tbotx or txt?

Mainnet just a definition used by dapp to differentiate from testnet. Its mean the dapp/project deployed, on this case on conflux eSpace Mainnet. Ticker for Traderbot X ERC20 Token is TXT ( Ticker for Traderbot X NFT - ERC721 is TBOTX (

Mainnet is definition that used by Layer 1 protocols. DApp can be launched on Parent Mainnet or Testnet. But not launch own Mainnet

Just google “uniswap mainnet” or any web3 project launch event on mainnet, most of them not L1/L2. L1 or L2 launch their own “chain” or “blockchain”. There isnt any word “launch own mainnet”

How you would be solve that issue? Txt ticket was previously binded by another grant passed project: t² (T-Square): Read to Earn, read to repute.

And not think that I’m complaint(someone usually thoughts same, who are not well know me, Eng not my native lang), it’s usual questions.

Just google “uniswap mainnet” or any web3 project launch event on mainnet, most of them not L1/L2. L1 or L2 launch their own “chain” or “blockchain”. There isnt any word “launch own mainnet”

It’s about im say to you. L1 launch own network, L2 can use Parent blockchain as Transport. So not all L2 has own independent Mainnet or Testnet. If we speak about Ropsten or Koven they are Testnets for ETH, but if we speak about Omni layer they used Bitcoin blockchain

We are not aware about mentioned project. We are different project, and on eSpace we are the only using TXT ticker. Hope anyone not confuse and always refer to there are links/button to swappi exchange page to trade

But they are was applied earlier than you. So, if they are for now develop they DApp they are drawn tokenomic based on their native token : TXT. Here on eSpace less than 30 tokens tickers, but you and they have same ticker variant. For community not be so good, same for both projects. Too much empty slots for tickers, why not needs to choose same.
If they too would be listed on swappi ? If they launch, they would be :slight_smile:

If you have plan to growth would be not bad to check cryptospace:

One of the much more knowing well situation, when project cannot be listed on top CEXs coz use Ticker that was already used by another project, it’s BCH, first ticker that choose Roger Ver was BCC (same as first Bitcoin Ticker, also was BCC), but BCC on 2017 year already was used by well known BitConnect (BCC) Ponzi . As result Ver change ticker to BCH and change BCH node name in source for set difference from Bitcoin specs. BCH node marked as BitcoinABC