Unifra: API services for Conflux

Unifra: API services for Conflux

Unifra is a Web3 developer platform focused on simplifying blockchain development. It has built a suite of developer tools, enhanced APIs, and a superior node infrastructure to seamlessly build and run blockchain applications. Unifra provide API services for multiple chains including Ethereum, BNS Smart Chain, Polygon and Conflux.

Unifra provides:

  • Open access to free public end-points
  • Real-time webhook alerts via Notify
  • Best-in-class support and reliability / stability
  • Unifra’s NFT API
  • Dashboard with Request Explorer

To use Unifra’s service, developer need to register an account first and find the RPC endpoint in Unifra console. For detail infomation check Unifra’s documentation

Why Use Unifra?

Whether you need to build a Web3 application, work on a single project, or work for the largest team in the field, Unifra will give you the greatest support to help you do your job more smoothly

What nodes you need if you are about to build a dApp?

Currently, maintaining self-managed nodes in blockchain applications is an expensive, time-consuming and unstable task. The Supernode API built by Unifra for production, with its extremely fast integration and absolute accuracy, can help you solve this problem. On top of that, we’ve provided an additional set of developer tools to help make life easier for blockchain developers.

Unifra’s Products and Features

Unifra has a complete line of products for accelerating blockchain development. With the help of our tools, blockchain developers will focus on their applications and users rather than interacting with low-level blockchain integrations.

Conflux API

The Conflux API follows a JSON-RPC standard. This doc contains the methods that Unifra supports for Conflux development (smart contracts & decentralized applications) on Core and eSpace.

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