Using ShuttleFlow to convert between ETH and cETH

Important notice: According to CIP-37(CIP is the abbreviation of Conflux Improvement Proposal, which is the improvement proposal of Conflux),the new address format of Conflux Network is the base32 address format (Starting with a network identifier, such as cfx:). The current update is a compatible version updates, and the consensus layer of the public chain hasn’t changed. Between the old and new address format is a simple code conversion, this means, that the original private key and mnemonic can be used to log into the corresponding Conflux wallet address without any impact on personal assets.

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1 Preparetion

Before learning the cross-chain operation of ETH to cETH, please install MetaMask and ConfluxPortal first. ConfluxPortal can be downloaded here: [click to download] ( MetaMask can be downloaded here: [click to download] ( Log into the corresponding wallet after installation. In the cross-chain transaction demonstrated in this tutorial, we need to change the network of ConfluxPortal to the Conflux Tethys network, and the network of MetaMask to Ethereum Main Network, as shown in the figure below.

The image above shows that both wallets are connected to the nessecary networks.

To begin the cross-chain operation (Shuttle-In), please open ShuttleFlow click here. ShuttleFlow will automatically request a ConfluxPortal wallet connection. Please select the wallet you want to use when connecting ConfluxPortal to ShuttleFlow to proceed.

2 Shuttle-In

The following shuttle-in show-case uses ETH as the example asset. The shuttle-in process between Conflux and other networks, or differen assets are similar. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Connect to ConfluxPortal

Click “Connect Wallet” on the top to connect ShuttleFlow with ConfluxPortal.

  1. Choose cross-chain networks
    Select “ETH / Conflux Network” in the upper left corner of ShuttleFlow’s product page.

  1. Select the cross-chain token, and click "Confirm"

Click on Shuttle-In to open the Shuttle-In window, and click Select Token;

Here we choose ETH and then click Select this token.

  1. Shuttle-In operation

After selecting the ETH as the token to shuttle-in, click on “Connect MetaMask” below to connect to your MetaMask wallet.

Fill in your Conflux wallet address in the input field under “Your destination”.
Click “Shuttle-in” and confirm the transaction in the MetaMask pop-up window to initiate the cross-chain operation. After the on-chain transaction is completed, the shuttle-in operation is successful and you will receive cETH in your Conflux account.

Please note that this address needs to be filled in with a Conflux wallet address, do not use any Conflux smart contract address.

Note: Besides the transaction fee on Ethereum, no additional service fee is required for the cross-chain transfers.

  1. After the shuttle-in operation is completed, let us add cETH tokens to your Conflux wallet. On the ShuttleFlow main page, click Shuttle-Out, click Select Token, and then click the green arrow of the asset you want to add to your wallet to view the assets smart contract address.

Copy the asset’s smart contract address.

After adding cETH to the Conflux wallet, you will see cETH listed in your wallet. If the balance is 0 after you freshly added the new asset, don’t worry, just wait a while for the balance to show up.

3 Shuttle out

Shuttle-out is the process of cross-chaining assets from Conflux Network to another network. In this tutorial we will shuttle-out cETH from Conflux Network back to Ethereum
for ETH, the process is similar for other tokens.

In the “Shuttle-out” page, select the token, then enter the amount to be cross-chained, input your Ethereum wallet address, and confirm the transaction, to complete the shuttle-out operation.

Note that if you shuttle-out to an Ethereum wallet, you need to input in the Ethereum wallet address, if you shuttle-out to a Bitcoin wallet, you need to input in the Bitcoin wallet address. If you make a mistake, the token will be lost.

4 View transaction records

You can view the records of both Shuttle-In and Shuttle-Out transaction in the “History” page

Green means that the transaction has been completed.

Gray means that the transaction is in progress.

The above documented tutorial shows how to use ShuttleFlow to realize bi-directional cross-chain operation of ETH and cETH, and is similar for other tokens.

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