Using ShuttleFlow to enable seamless asset transfer between multiple protocols

ShuttleFlow uses Conflux Network as a shuttle-chain hub to enable seamless asset transfer between multiple protocols.

ShuttleFlow address:

For some common usage methods of ShuttleFlow, please check:

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Next, we will introduce how to tranfer assets from ETH to BSC, which involves two steps:

  1. Shuttle-chain assets from ETH into Conflux Network
  2. Shuttle-chain assets from Conflux Network into BSC

1. From ETH to Conflux

The following shuttle-in show-case uses Flux as the example asset. The shuttle-in process between Conflux and other networks, or differen assets are similar. The specific steps are as follows:

1) Connect to Conflux Portal

Click “Connect Wallet” on the top to connect ShuttleFlow with ConfluxPortal.

2) Choose cross-chain networks

Select “ETH / Conflux Network” in the upper left corner of ShuttleFlow’s product page.

3) Select the cross-chain token

On the “Shuttle-in” page, click “Select a token”.

4) Select the token to shuttle-in

Choose Flux, and click “Select this token”.

5) Connect to MetaMask wallet

After selecting the Flux as the token to shuttle-in, click on “Connect MetaMask” below to connect to your MetaMask wallet.

Fill in your Conflux wallet address in the input field under “Your destination”.

Besides the transaction fee on Ethereum, no additional service fee is required for the cross-chain transfers.

6) Use MetaMask to complete the transaction

Click “Shuttle-in” and confirm the transaction in the MetaMask pop-up window. After the on-chain transaction is completed, the shuttle-in operation is successful and you will receive cFlux in your Conflux account.


After completing this step, and you need to continue to shuttle-out cFlux from Conflux Network into BSC, please proceed with the next step.

2. Shuttle-out assets from Conflux Network to BSC

By cross-chaining your cFlux from Conflux Network into BSC, you are realizing the cross-chain operation from Ethereum to BSC via Conflux Network.

1) Choose cross-chain networks

Select “BSC / Conflux” in the upper left corner of ShuttleFlow’s product page.

2) Select the cross-chain token and fill in the address

Select cFlux, and a security prompt will pop up:

Fill in the amount of assets to shuttle-out
Fill in the BSC wallet address in “Shuttle-Out Address”, and click “Shuttle-Out”.

Complete the authorization in the ConfluxPortal pop-up window.

3) View transaction records

You can view transaction records on the “History” page
After completing the on-chain transaction, you will receive bcFlux in the BSC wallet

The token you want to shuttle-in or shuttle-out is not in the token list.

ShuttleFlow only supports limited amount of assets for bi-directional cross-chain operations between Conflux Network and BSC. The token captain function for Conflux Network and BSC will launch in the future. If there is immediate demand to support certain cross-chain assets, please contact ShuttleFlow official support.