ConfluxPortal v0.6.11 Upgrade Tutorial

Announcement: the Google extension for ConfluxPortal has been upgraded to v0.6.11. For new users: please download the portal extension directly from the portal official website. For previous users, you will have to migrate your wallet account to the new extension in order to upgrade to v0.6.11. The new version only fixed some existing bugs. The old Portal extension will not be compatible with the new extension, meaning that you can only have one portal extension.

1. Upgrade to the Latest ConfluxPortal Extension

To download the latest ConfluxPortal, please visit:

The previous Portal extension will still support normal operation. However, for future upgrades, we recommend you store your account address, private key, and seed phrase and download the new Portal extension to import your account.

New users can directly download ConfluxPortal in the Google Chrome extension store and follow the tutorial ConfluxPortal Installation and User Manual

Cautions: the previous Portal extension cannot exist with the new extension at the same time.

2. Address and Private Key

1. How to Store your Wallet Address and Private Key?

As shown in the picture, click the account name to copy your wallet address. Paste it to a textbox and then you can see the whole address.

Click on the top-left menu and click “Details”.

Select “Export Private Key” to export your private key and enter your Portal Login Password and click “Confirm”.

Cautions: do not display your private key to anyone. Whoever owns your private key is able to steal your asset

After typing in the correct login password, the private key will be displayed. At this point, you can simply store your private key along with the corresponded address.

Cautions: the private key is extremely important information and should be stored in a private and secure place. Again, do not reveal your private key to anyone. Whoever owns your private key can steal your assets.

2. How to Import your Previous Account to the New Extension

Click the profile picture on the top-right corner. Select “Import Account” in the pop-up window.

Choose “Private Key” for Select Type and enter your private key in the text box. Then, click “Import”.

If you entered the correct private key string, the previous account will be successfully imported to the new extension.

Seed Phrase

1. How to Store the Seed Phrase for the Previous Account

Click the profile picture on the top-right corner. Select “Setting” in the pop-up window.

Select “Security & Privacy” and select “Reveal Seed Words” in the pop-up window

Enter the correct Login Password for ConfluxPortal and click “Next”.

The seed phrase will display if you entered the correct login password.

Cautions: seed phrase is also extremely important information. We highly recommend you store your seed phrase in a private and secure place. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone. Whoever owns your seed phrase can also steal your asset.

2. How to Import the Seed Phrase from Previous Wallet Account

You can import multiple accounts under your previous wallet using the seed phrase.

As shown below, click “Import using account seed phrase” on the login page. It will direct you to the “Restore your Account with Seed Phrase” page.

Enter your seed phrase from your previous account and reset your login password. Click “Restore”.

If you entered the correct seed phrase, your accounts will be displayed on the new extension. The account name will change to Account 1, Account 2…

If there are other accounts that have not been displayed, please try to click “Add Accounts” under “My Accounts” and select “Add/Respotre Sub-account” to restore.